It's official..Gore wins!!!

Just kidding!


::throws rotting fruit::


That was cruel.

And mean, and evil.

And very wrong.
I wish I had thought of it…

Oh yeah!
Military absentee ballots having an effect on an election. At least now I know my vote will be counted!

You’d better hide, Aha. You don’t have to worry about your health, though. All of the USA’s hitmen are being hired by the Democrats to go after Ralph Nader :smiley:

Somehow I knew you wouldn’t have a political thread.
Guess it’s the name aha, goes with practical jokes.

Okay, let’s take another vote…

Forget smacking aha upside the head with a dead trout for being a mischief-maker: all in favor of condemning him to moldy Snapple instead of wine in any form, especially those with bubbles, please say yea or [b/]nay.


ohh vebbie you so mean!

oh wait - moldy snapple is too good for aha after that…

motion to amend the punishment to sump water…

Wow, those 60’s hallucinogenic’s sure take a while to kick in……

No-no! Not a dead trout! Big-Mouth Billy Bass!


[lumberjack voice]

I don’t fight boys like you, I fuck 'em!

[/lumberjack voice]

Eh, Drew Carey did the same thing on last night’s live show. In the middle of a scene, someone handed him a piece of paper and he said something like, “Oh, sorry to interrupt the show, but we have an important announcement from ABC . . . the Florida recount has been completed, and Al Gore has won the election . . . Al Gore will be our next president!” Then he was handed another piece of paper: “Oh, wait a minute . . . no, that was wrong, it appears the George Bush has won the recount!” Another piece of paper . . . it went back and forth a few times. Freakin’ hilarious!!

No, Wanderlust, that “aha”, as in the chocolatey soft drink that is ceremoniously poured over the head of Rotisseri baseball league owners.

Please insert a “'s” to the above.

Veb - I am officially protesting this vote on the basis that the ballot is distorted, deceptive and misleading. The “yea” selection is in bold type, while the “nay” selection is not. It caused me to double punch the guy next to me.

[Johnny Cochran voice]
To get the loot
you must prosecute!
[/Johnny Cochran voice]