It's official, I suck

Might as well flame myself. I have been flipping through the various threads today. There have been lots of interesting topics, good flame wars, funny one-liners, etc. The sad thing is, absolutely none of them are coming from me. I have no deep thoughts, good rips, or funny lines flowing from my brain. This sucks. It’s like writer’s block, but on a multi-topic basis. I think I will either crawl into a dark room until I have some kind of brainwave activity or just give it all up and start smelling gasoline and glue.

Why yes, I am pretty fly for a white guy.

Well, I think your sig kicks ass! But that’s just my opinion and I probably suck too.

:::shrugs, walks away:::

Yes, you suck, but do you swall–OUCH!!!

Sorry, my conscience just kicked me.


Yeah, even the New Yorkers didn’t talk about you at their get-together.

Who are you again?

Who am I? In the deep, cosmis sense or a quick synopsis. Well, since I am feeling nowhere near the deep/cosmic side, I can pretty much limit who I am to trivial matters of little or no importance.

Man, this is just not a confident day for me.

Oh, and Missy, thanks for the sig compliment. That’s one point in my favor today.

I was sort of joking. What’s up with men losing confidence?! You guys need to take lessons from the grabby weirdos on the subway who have waaaaay too much confidence.

Anyway, I would suggest you do something wild and crazy this weekend, something you would normally never do. Continue to do that every weekend until you have experienced so much that you are bursting with funny stories.

Then learn something that few people know about that you’re genuinely interested in - the coelacanth, for example. Then you will always be able to impress others with your knowledge of something obscure.

What are your interests? What do you do? That is, in one aspect, who you are.

Thanks Manhattan. Actually, I think this is more a result of a long day with work and my complete inability to figure out a couple of things that are slowing my progress in various projects. Not good to let it bug me so, but I hate not getting things right the first time and not being the best. Being competitive is great, but sometimes it bites ya in the butt. In a couple of days I will be back to normal and doing my best to derail threads with pointless but succinct observations.

Well duh. Change Manhattan in my previous post to Melanie and then it makes a little more sense.

Pulling into the gas station and poppoing open the unleaded. sniff
ahhhhhhhhhhh, me better feel much now.

Experience-wise, plane crashes are good. Melanie is very impressed with plane crashes.

Oh, and you DID come up the other night. Alphagene and I were waiting for the other guys to come out of the john, and I noticed he stands about six-four or so, and I asked him how the weather was up there, and if he’d ever played basketball. And he said, “No, that’s that fucking Mullinator.”

Feel better?


You’re not even a good flamer!! You’re just a big WHINER!! Now get outta here and go to the appropriate board!!! :smiley:

For what its worth…I like you.

You dont have to be ‘on’ all the time y’know.


Always remember you’re unique…just like everyone else.

Mull - I love you sig line too! You haven’t been on the SDMB very long - it takes some of us (including me) more time than others to feel comfortable, get a feel for the subjects & posters, and eventually be brave enough to post something more substantive. I started out by posting a topic in the BBQ pit about a pet peeve, and have posted several topics asking for advice. There must be something that bugs you - sound off in the pit! You must have a problem -we all do – let’s hear about it (the teeming millions are always ready with advice). Enjoy.

Mull… i suck as well… but the way i look at it… i enjoy coming in here and although sometimes my posts arent the most witty or intelligent… i have fun…and really enjoy reading the other posts… and sometimes that lightbulb goes off and i actually write something worth reading… i think lol

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

hmmmm “i suck as well” now hows that for an intelligent quote… not really what i meant mull… your posts dont suck… we just all have those wonderful lapses i guess, kinda like the one im having right now

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Dude, you like Chruis Mullin. As a die-hard St. John’s fan, I say you don’t suck in the least!

Unless you like Mullin as a member of the evil Knick-rival Indiana Pacers.

In which case, yes, you do suck! :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

You suck? Well, let’s go to my “happy place”…

Satan, my fondness for Mullin started at St. John’s (Red Storm? Oh, I don’t know) and really grew during the Golden State years. Now, it is in spite of being on the Pacers. I am a Nuggets fan myself.

Why yes, I am pretty fly for a white guy.

But you’re a Cubs fan, Mullinator, and, of course, they suck.

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

I guess you can rest well in your beautiful stadium. No, I guess not.
Wonderful ownership? Whoops, not there either.
Compelling story lines on the field? Not since Robin Ventura was smacked around by Nolan Ryan.
Pennant chases? Not since Reinsdorf sold them out a couple of years ago.
Nationwide adoration? No, that might be another Chicago team.
Beloved announcers? 2 dead Cubs announcers are still more popular than good old Hawk Harrelson.
Strong merchandising? There’s a reason I never see Sox stuff in the stores, and it’s not because of heavy sales.
The Cubs may have lengthy spells of ineptitude, but there is always a reason to care and to watch.

Why yes, I am pretty fly for a white guy.

I am about to do something really mean here. But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I am about to quote CanadianSue completely out of context, thereby totally changing the meaning of her words.

CanadianSue wrote:

See? :slight_smile:

I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitstaff!