It's raining fish in San Francisco!

Okay, this has to be one of the most bizarre stories in the horse racing world for the year:

The Daily Racing Form: It’s Raining Fish!

I just love one of the closing quotes, from one of the vet’s buddies:

Meanwhile, I need to hunt down the DRF editors and blast “It’s Raining Men!” outside their bedroom windows at 2am, as it is torturously stuck in my head now.

Raining Fish? Why did i have to be at work today??? :frowning:

Thats almost as bad as British weather


I remember when we had that sand rainstorm. Apparently it came from the Sahara. Made a bloody mess of the car.

Just got a steady horizontal drizzle today. Oh joy!

Hope it brightens up for Wimbers this afternnon.

In Dublin it only rained twice last week - once for four days and once for three days.

Somewhere, at the Fish Bar, a very shaken-up and schnockered bullhead is swearing that his story of alien abduction is true.

Believe me, this is going to be as painful for me as it will be for you:
Question: Does the bullhead order his drinks by the Gill ?

Am I the only one who imagines Tony Bennett singing the title of this thread?