It's Shakin' 'n' Bake -- And I He'ped

Does anyone know were I can get a wav of the little southern girl who says this, in that southern accent of hers?

No, but I can do a pretty darn good imitation of her.

IIRC, her mother was really stacked! :smiley:

While she was shakin’, you was bakin’, right?
God, I miss the '60s. Remember those great Winston commercials, where they were all wearing “country” clothes and dancing & singing ala “Hee Haw” about the miracle of Brown & Williamson tobacco…What’s that? Why, yes that does appear to be an island down there. Cuba? But my ticket says…


Shake & Bake does wonders for possum.

I don’t have any info. Sorry. I do remember, though they resurrected that awful commercial a couple of years ago.

I just happened to remember that TVLAND shows old commercials as well as old TV programs. I don’t normally watch it, but I have seen that commercial on it in the past couple of years.

you might want to look a

they have lots of wavs from tv shows and movies. even, yes you named it, commercials.

good luck!