Favorite commercials?

I personally like this one:


Great commercial, great cinematography, and great music. And the bride isn’t too bad looking either. :wink:

Well clueless, I gotta borrow your moniker for a minute, what the f*ck was the point behind that ? Was that dude going to speak out or forever hold his peace ?

I personally like the url=http://www.adcritic.com/content/john-west-red-salmon-bear-fight.html]Bear Fight commercial.

And I am especially fond of those new “File this under NEVER” commercials - although believe it or not, I’ve forgotten the sponsor of the ad :smiley:

Sorry, try this link http://www.adcritic.com/content/john-west-red-salmon-bear-fight.html

There was a commercial shown during this year’s Super Bowl featuring a guy who painted with a paintbrush strapped to his head.

I have yet to see a commercial approach it in terms of overall effect. I don’t remember the product; I think it was Cinergy. But I will always remember the last three words:

“I’m unbelievably lucky”

Damn thing had (and has) me crying.

I don’t see many commercials anymore, but I still remember one for, I think, Jack in the Box. Up-and-coming marketing fellow showing Jack the new commercial they were planning on, featuring the Spice Girls doing some godawful rock jingle. He looks at Jack expectantly. Beat. “You are so fired.”

In the SNL fake commercial area, I just about died the first time I saw the one for “Canis Perfume”.

I can never take my eyes off the Mitsubishi commercial that uses the song “Start the Commotion.” You know, the one with various young hipsters singing along? Something about it just really enraptures me.

There’s another car commercial I love, but alas, I can’t recall the product. The song goes “I wish that I knew what I know now…when I was younger…” Shows the same thing, people singing along. I like the mom looking in the rearview mirror at her son in his carseat, while she’s singing.

I have two current favorites. One is the internet connection one where the woman tries to learn sign language to speak to the kid next door and makes a pie.

The other one, where I actually fell off the couch the first time I saw it was the beer commercial where the guy gets the cat milk and cat shows up, opens the dog food and the dog shows up, opens a beer and his buddies show up. That one still slays me.

My favorite radio commercial is the one for Bud Ice. It has a lady who says her name is Sherry Seabert and she is a parking meter violation officer. Call her a meter maid, and she will tow your a$$!
My favorite line is “Some officers will mark your tires with chalk. I’ll staple a sign to your tire that says ‘In an hour, you are MINE, SUCKA!’”

That, and the Bud Light “Real American Heroes” commercials. My favorite one is “Mr. Outside the Stadium Peanut Vendor”. The best line is something like: “There’s nothing like your nuts on a hot stadium seat in the summertime!”

Thre’s another thread on this:


I still like the ad I described near the bottom of that thread.

I don’t suppose you get the Guiness adverts in the US.

They has been a memorable series.
One simply featured some catchy brass music with a guy dancing, waiting for his glass to fill.
My favourite was a bunch of surfers with a poetical commentary. They inserted wild horses on the tops of the waves.

(On a lesser note, I like the Doritos girl in the launderette!).

That’s the problem some advertisers face-you remember the ad, but not the product. That’s okay, I don’t think you were going to use 1-800-CALL-ATT to save money on your collect calls anyway :wink:

Well, this is how I interpreted the commercial. In the beginning, I thought he was the one to be married to the bride and that he was late. But then, when he gets to the church, there is a bride and she is getting married with another guy! So, it would seem to me that he was there to speak out. What happens? It’s up to the viewer. :slight_smile:

The Trix Rabbit one. It’s the one where he gets a human suit, buys them, and finally gets to eat them. He’s about to pour the carton of milk into the bowl, and from then on the commercial turns into a Got Milk? ad. Yeah, it pulled the rug from under me. The first time I’ve seen a plot twist in a commerical.

Other fake ones from SNL- I love that Rat Poison one. It’s the one where the Rat Poison comes in huge dog food size chunks, has a picture of a dog on the box, and says rat food in the small print. :slight_smile:

Jeez, Cranky, I love that commercial! Whenever it comes on, I turn up the TV really loud and boogie around the living room; luckily, Dr. LindyHopper likes it too. Anyone know the artist/actual title of that song (apologies, Cranky, if the title you gave above is actually the title)?

It was for Cingulair Wireless. And all of their superbowl commercials (and the ones they air now, too) were kind of good - as in, you liked them while you were watching. But they failed to tell you what Cingulair was, what it had to do with the commercial you were watching, or why you should buy it (whatever it was) other than they commissioned cool commercials. They also failed to imprint their name into anyone’s head, which is the entire purpose of advertising.

“iiiii-eeeee, tastes like chicken!!”

This was actually made for broadcat I think, but no station dared to show it.

You guys have probably most seen this one, but if you owe it to yourself to check it out!


First, the REAL commercial. Still slays me when I see it and I have to point it out to whoever is in the room. In the commercial, a stork is seen walking through a department store. One woman, trying on shoes, runs away from the stork. Another desperately tries to catch it. Somewhere in here, the words, “Pregnancy can sneak up on you” appears on the screen and, sure enough, the stork surprises a woman in a changing room. Its a March of Dimes public service announcment about prenatal care and I LOVE it!

Now for the fake one - its from SNL and it spoofs the Total cereal commercials. The punchline is “You’ll have to eat 1,000,000 [or so] bowls of the leading brand to get all the fiber you’d get in ONE serving of Colon Blow cereal!”

Oh, one more from SNL - back when the original cast was on, there was an “ad” for a spray that made your car exhaust smell nice. Cut to Gilda Radner on her knees and taking a whiff from a running car’s exhaust pipe!


I’ve said this before, but I loved “Wazzzzuppp?” and its sequel, “Howyadoon” commercials. I was never bothered by the “Wazzzzuppp” commercials themselves, only by the people who repeated it at every opportunity. Plus which, I’m much more likely to hear someone say “Howyadoon” IRL. And finally, I may be the only person who picked up on the subtle aggrandizement in “Wazzzzuppp”, but I did appreciate it. Brothers using their gadgets with perfect dexterity but without sacrificing their own style: a looonnng way from Amos ‘n’ Andy. (The interim, “How are YOU doing?” need not be spoken of.)

I will always love this one

“ahhhh … Thingamabob, gobbledegook. What’s it’s face?
Whatever it is? Whatever it was? Chocolaty Chocolat.
How’s it go? Wows-a-ma-doo, sugary caramel
Doo-hickeys. You know what I mean. Peanutty crispies.
Chewy, Chocolaty, crunchy, hershey.
too daa, skidamaree, more then a mouthfull, it’s Whatchamacallit”

think back to the mid-80s and you may remember the awesome imagery they had to go along with it. And that voice, that heavenly voice swoon
I had sworn off whatchamacallits when they put caramel in it, but that commercial almost made me buy a food I hated. damn it still pisses me off they had to add caramel, it was so good before then. Anyway that’s one of my all time favorite commercials, sigh.