Cool Commercials

I just saw a new ad for Charmin toilet paper. It’s of an animated bear, doing what bears do in the woods, and this bear prefers Charmin toilet paper. Hilarious!

Also, I found a neat site with the top commercials:

I was finally able to see the Cat Wrangler and Wazzup! commercials there.

Heh, that’s hillarious. One day I’d like to see someone survey people taking a crap in the woods what kind of toilet paper they prefer. Asking them mid-crap.

Being a new father, the one I find funny right now is the little boy trying to pour himself a glass of orange juice by placing the glass on the floor and straddling the OJ carton. But the container tips backwards instead of forewards, so the contents go all over the floor. What’s classic is that the kid isn’t phased that he only got about 2 oz of juice. :):slight_smile:

You MTV whippersnappers with your TV ads. You’re spoiled with all those whirling kaleidoscopic visuals as you drool on your Christina Aguilera action figures. How about some good old-fashioned RADIO commercials?

I work for a radio trade organization, and every year we sponsor the Radio-Mercury Awards, which recognize the very best in radio commercials each year. Here’s a link to the winners for the last several years:

Mercury Awards

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the sound files (I think they’re MP3s). I recommend the ones for Hollywood Video.

Those Hollywood video ads are great! I especially loved the one for Enemy of the State. I haven’t heard these before; I guess I don’t listen to the right radio station.

Have y’all seen the Kia ad on TV? Dog comes running downhill in a park with white fluffy stuff coming out of his mouth; he’s being chased by a very angry bride and wedding party. He jumps into the car and locks the door with his female owner trying desparately to get in the car to drive away from the oncoming vigilante crowd. Dog has wedding cake groom in mouth. Owner begs the dog to open the lock and, finally, asks in a panic: “Is this about that operation?”

Nice counterpoint to the 12" hotdog?

Have you seen the sequel to the “Whasssuuuup!” commercials? A couple is in a sushi bar and the waiter brings them wasabe and says “Wasabe” and the guy goes “Wassssabbee!” and eventually all the cooks and everyone is saying it. Loved it!

Hehe…I just saw that car commercial the other day. The other one I love is the one for Carfax, where the farmer type guy is letting his coon dog drive. The dog veers off the road to go after some ducks, and the farmer is screaming, “No! Bad dog!” :smiley: