It's Snowing in the Dallas Area!

This’ll be my first white Christmas ever (in 41 years – if it makes it until tomorrow)! I’m so excited, I hope there’ll at least be enough to make a snow angel!!

We are babysitting a friend’s dog who just left for Dallas. Her flight was delayed an hour because of the “snow storm” in the Dallas area.

I thought Seattle was wacky about a dusting of snow…

In LA, there’s a quip: If you want to snarl traffic, throw a glass of water on the freeway. If you want to stop it completely, use a slurpy.

Howdy FF, I live about 60 miles North of you, we got about 4" last night. This is only the second whiteish Christmas I can remember in my 43 years living here, the other time was in the mid 70’s IIRC. The kids sure are enjoying it.

Please keep it up there. We’ve had our snow quota for the next 50 years down here in Houston. :smiley:

It has been slowly melting all morning, but yes, it is only my second “white Christmas” here in Dallas. We have a new puppy who has decided that the snow is delicious and will probably be sad to realize that she may never see it again!

Did traffic come to a complete stop when the first snowflake fell? How many cars went in the ditch?

Actually, we usually do OK in the kind of snow we usually get, when we get snow. We tend to get the big fluffy flakes that melt upon impact, and which usually come down a few flakes at a time. If the snow DOES stick, then we have problems, because nobody knows or remembers how to drive on snow.

If we get ice, we are really, really in big trouble. We don’t have the equipment to handle it, our roads aren’t really designed for ice, and again, nobody knows or remembers how to drive on it.

Glad to hear from everybody! This has been spectacular, as we built a snowman and had a snowball fight. Man, did I get creamed. But it’s been beautiful and I’ll have many pictures to cherish for the future.

Glad my dogs loved it too. I still don’t think they knew what to make of it. :smiley:

I lived in Fort Worth for several years. Yes, white Christmases are rare, but snow and ice are not unknown.

I recall one year that featured a pretty good ice storm. My buddies and I walked over to the interstate to have a good laugh.

Yeah, we don’t sing “White Christmas” around here; we sing “Black Ice Christmas.” :smiley:

We got a little snow and sleet over here on Christmas Eve but it didn’t stick. Guess I should’ve ditched the family and went to Dallas for Christmas.

snailboy, my folks live in Mineola and they were sorely disappointed that they didn’t get any that stuck either. :frowning:

I live near Fort Worth but was visiting my parents in central Texas for the holiday, so I missed having a white Christmas. :frowning:

Fortunately for me, I made the trip to my parents’ house on Wednesday. My sister who lives near Dallas drove down during the storm on Thursday. What would normally have been a 4 hour trip for her took almost 8 hours!

Move near Dallas Pennsylvania and you can sometimes do that for Halloween and Easter too!


Oh no. Anything further north than Arkansas would be too cold for me. Hee. Plus, a white Christmas is great and all (or at least the one inch version is), but I think that’s the only holiday I’d prefer with some color in it.