It's snowing... in Tucson!

White stuff, falling from the sky. Collecting on the cactus.

Yesterday was 75 and sunny, as per usual in a Tucson February. Now it’s… snowing.

Snow is falling. In Tucson, Arizona in the middle of the desert! Yes, it’s happened here before, but it is such a rare event that it’s memorable when it occurs. But I am sitting here looking out my window, and what started out as a light rain is now a brisk snowfall. It won’t accumulate as it’s around 48° F. now and it’s melting as soon as it hits the ground. But I was gobsmacked for just a minute as it only snows once a decade or so here. Time to break out my Brian Setzer Christmas albums.

Dude, beat you to it.

<Agent Smart>
Missed it by that much!
</Agent Smart>

Dang, you Ninja’d me, Palo Verde. Yeah, I can’t believe it myself. I let my dog outside, but he was unimpressed. I stepped outside myself and opened my mouth and caught some snowflakes on my tongue. Snow is fun. But not in huge amounts. It’s nice to watch for a short time.

Self reported my duplicate thread.

Snow Falling On Cactus. I’d read it.

I rolled the two snowballs together!

You know snow is dirty, right? :wink:

Nah, this is America. Sex is dirty.

But… but… even if it’s driven?

Damn, I just left Tucson last Friday.

Guess I did spend the right week there on vacation after all.

Too bad all of the baseball spring training moved up I-10 to the Phoenix area. The Rockies, Diamondbacks, and White Sox all used to train here. The pitchers and catchers would have all been here in past years. Well, we still have the rodeo. And the gem show.

And the Book Festival, don’t forget about that! (Yes, I’m on the organizing committee for the Book Festival, can you tell?)

My husband just arrived in Tucson Monday for 10 days, escaping the coming snowpocalypse here in Iowa. Serves him right, although a sprinkling of desert snow doesn’t make up for me having to shovel the driveway by myself.

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:


the Facebook feeds of the people I still know there exploded with snow pics earlier today. I just smiled and thought " bless their hearts" :wink:
(actually my local atlanta news just showed pics of the snow there :slight_smile: )

I find it rather refreshing that some places in the U.S.A. are as bad at dealing with snow as us.

I’ve often had the impression that Chicagoans and New Yorkers, while not batting an eyelid about a six inch snowfall in their respective cities, will have a laugh at the expense of the English when the whole country grinds to halt after a 1/2" fall of snow.