It's snowing... in Tucson!

The snow fell in the middle of the WCG-Accenture Match Play golf tournament and play was suspended until tomorrow. Tiger Woods is one of the golfers participating but didn’t get to tee off today. He’ll be playing tomorrow instead.

Does this count as snowing in Hell?

Congrats Palo Verde! Into every life a little snow should fall. I’ve never heard of it snowing in Tucson but I do remember a 6" snowfall in the Tombstone/Sierra Vista area back in the late '80s. I recall breaking trail all the way from Tombstone to Sierra Vista then wearing my Yukon parka while we cleared snow off the cars in our sales lot. Sierra Vista is south of Tucson but a 1000 feet higher in elevation so it’s cooler.

I was hoping for some fun personal pictures, but I admit, it happened.

It’s snowing again! And since it’s night time, it’s sticking around more. I woke my kids up and they made a mini-snowman. Our backyard is all white! They’ll remember this day a long time.

Are you going to change your name? :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great day to stay in and put on ZZ Top’s A Sleet in the Desert.

Yes, the real name is Asleep in the Desert but hey, we’ll just keep that our little secret.

Palo Blanco?

We’ve lived here for 6 years and this was a first for us.

Did you go to the Gem and Mineral Show QtM?

I’ve had a '70’s Tucson Gen & Mineral Show framed poster of watermelon tourmaline on my walls for decades now. I’ve got to make that exhibit some year, come snow or shine.

Nope, sunned (what there was of it), swam, and hiked in Saguaro and Catalina parks (into Romero canyon, to the far pools. Took a dip in one of the pools. Unintentionally. Ow. Brr.)

Also visited Sells, AZ and dined on some fine Tohono O’odham cuisine (bean-intensive but tasty.)

I know the poster, and that show is on our bucket list.

I tried to find it. This and this was as close as I could get. I think I’ll start a thread next week asking dopers to post pics of their best mineral specimens. I bet we’ve got some good’uns and more than a few from Arizona.

Obviously this proves global warming is a hoax.

Which means, of course, that the second Ice Age people really WERE right!

Bring on the mammoths!

I’d be all over that, lieu. I’ve been going to the show for 25 years and have a house full o rocks. Here are some pictures from this year’s show./hijack