It's Super Bowl 50!! What's Your Earliest Super Bowl You Remember Watching?

Think back to when you first tuned in at America’s Great Campfire, the day where many in the nation and the world gather 'round to watch the big game. What Super Bowl was that? Share your age if you’d like, or not. You don’t have to give the game number, you can say something like it was the one where Brian Sipe and the Cleveland Browns beat the Detroit Lions and Billy Sims.

For me it was Super Bowl VI, Dallas Cowboys 24 - Miami Dolphins 3. To date that is still the fewest points scored by a single team in the Super Bowl. Even Da Bears and their awesome defense in 1985 allowed 10 points to New England in Super Bowl XX, winning 46-10. I’m 54.

What’s yours?

Probably Super Bowl XVI. It was at the Pontiac Silverdome, so living in southeast Michigan, Super Bowl hype was everywhere. I remember my mom buying a bag of “Sweet 16” chocolate donuts, and I asked her what “Sweet 16” meant. She told me it was a Super Bowl tie-in. I think that piqued my curiosity in the big game, and may have led to me actually watching some of it. I was 6.

Super Bowl 1.

Hell, I remember at least one NFL championship before the AFL-NFL merger.

Aforementioned Super Bowl XX, Bears over Pats is the first I remember (and I only vaguely remember the actual game…mostly remember the Super Bowl Shuffle). I was 5 years old.

I have a terrible memory for this kind of stuff, plus the fact when I was a kid we were much more likely to be outside playing football than inside watching it. I would have been almost six for SBIII, plus living in Baltimore we were huge Colts fans - but I don’t really have a memory of it (plus the endless SB highlight shows have eroded any memory I did have). I think I watched SB V, Colts/Cowboys as around that time I was also becoming a Cowboy fan - mostly due to Staubach and the fact he played for Navy (we were also big Navy fans due to proximity). I definitely remember the Cowboy-Steeler clashes due to my hatred of Pittsburgh.

Well growing up in Packer county during the Lombardi era it was the first one. I was 11. I’ve watched about half of the ones from then until now. I watched some only because of the party connection and some only for the commercials. Last year I was so P.O.ed at the way McCarthy blew the NFC Championship game with his pussified play calling in the second half that I couldn’t watch. I turned it on about a half dozen times but within a few plays the realisation that the better team wasn’t there had my blood pressure on the rise and had to turn it off.

I’m from the UK, so please excuse me not remembering much about my first one.

I know that John Riggins (running back) ran in more than one touchdown for the Washington Redskins and that they won.
Any idea what year that was?

The first Super Bowl that I can remember watching with my dad would have been XI.


I come from a long line of baseball fans.

Super Bowl 17, January 30, 1983.

With 10 minutes to go, and the 'Skins still trailing 17-13, they went for it on 4th and a foot at the Miami 40. Riggins got the foot, and the 40 yards.

Against the Miami Dolphins. The Redskins won 27-17. That was in January 1983. Does that sound about right?

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Personally, I remember the party at our house for XII, but don’t remember game action until XIV (stupid Steelers coming back against the Rams).

Super Bowl XVI. I became a fan of the Bengals because I thought their tiger stripe helmets were pretty cool. I was 7.

Not just the helmet that year, but on their jerseys too. Way cooler than their old outfits.

I was about to correct the OP on his mention of fewest points scored in a Super Bowl. Luckily I re-read the post and saw he meant by one team, with the 3 points the Dolphins put up in SB VI.

The very next year, in SB VII, the Dolphins and Redskins scored 21 points total, with the Dolphins winning 14-7. Notably, if not for Garo Yepremian’s passing skills (or lack thereof), the Redskins might have been shut out. That’s also the first Super Bowl I remember paying any attention to, as I listened to some of it on the radio. We lived out in the boonies, and about the only TV channel we could get was ABC, so very little football watching for us. I had just turned 9 in January 1973.

I think I saw bits of SB X live on TV (Steelers-Cowboys), and I know I was watching the next year when the Raiders bitch-slapped my Vikings.

I can remember having a Miami Dolphins uniform (helmet, jersey, and shoulder pads) when I was a kid, so that means I must have been aware of them during their heyday in the early '70’s, but I have no memory of the games themselves. The earliest game I can definitely recall is Super Bowl X, Steelers vs. Cowboys.

If Garo made that field goal, the final score in Super Bowl VII for that 17-0 Dolphins season would have been 17-0.

Your Vikings got bitch-slapped four times in Super Bowls, right? :smiley:
But then again, your Vikings often bitch-slapped my Rams on your way to Super Bowls. :smack:

Super Bowl XX. Squish the Fish! (OK!) Bury the Bears! (Oops.)

I was nine. I don’t think I watched another one until XXVI. Seen most since then.

I remember the Deuce–Packers 33, Raiders 14. The game was anticlimactic after the Ice Bowl two weeks earlier, which is the first football game of any kind that I remember watching.

I’m too young to remember the pre-Super Bowl NFL championships, but I do remember my father bragging about how he had rigged up rabbit ears to pull in the 1963 Bears-Giants championship game from a station in Rockford. In that era, even the championship game was blacked out in the territory of the home team.

Probably XXX. I wasn’t a fan as a kid, but I remember rooting for the Cowboys in a Superbowl. I was too young for XXVIII. I definitely remember XXXII, since an annoying kid at school was an insufferable Packers fan. I know I took joy in them losing.