Its that time again (peep)

Yes, peeps.
They are in the stores now.
I’ve never tried one.
You like em? Why?
Hate em? Why?
Do the differently colored ones taste different?

Heehee…I’ve wanted to be the first to do this for two years now…

Check out the Peeps Science Page.

Also the Bunnies Survival Test and The Bunnies Strike Back.

Dang it…let’s try this again.

Before you check out the above site, check out:

The Bunny Survival Test


Peeps Science

That’ll teach me to try to use complex URL technology…

sigh…this is what I get for getting used to an editable board…

The proper URL for the Bunny’s Strike Back is:

And, to answer the OP (as if I haven’t already irritated them enough), yes…marshmallow peeps and bunnies are good. Very good.

Especially if you let them sit out for a day or two…hard peeps are the best.

And they all taste the same.

Ah, yes. Two peeps, two toothpicks and the office microwave, let the jousting begin.

And jayjay, if you like them firm, I still have one leftover from last year.

Peeps are out? That’s got to mean my candy store addiction’s likely out too… Cadbury Cream Eggs, I can hear them calling me now…


my peeps kababs were a big hit last year. i guess i’ll have to make them again this year.

dublos… run don’t walk to the nearest store. cadbury is out in force. the newest thing is cadbury bunnys…pure chocolate little bunnies. mmmm. the creme eggs are out in a mini size by the dozen in a wee little crate. i’m starting the annual stockpile of mini eggs.

I have an unopened tray of Peeps (yellow) and an unopened tray of Bunnies (purple) left over from last year.

The company that makes Peeps (First Born?) has started introducing marshomallow candies at other times of the year–marshmallow hearts at Valentine’s, for example. They’re OK, but they’re flavored–not the plain marshmallow like the Peeps and Bunnies.

Forgot to mention…

Have any of you seen the Giant Bunnies? It’s about 5 inches long, and 1/2 an inch thick. I’ve only seen them in yellow.