Peeps! Peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps!!!

Yummy yummy Marshmallow Peeps are at a store near you. At least they’re at a store near ME and that’s what’s really important.

Peeps! Peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps!!!

Gots me a coupla boxes of yellows and lettin’ some go stale and microwaving others to make 'em REAL BIG!

Peeps! Peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps peeps!!!

My hubby gave me peeps for Valentine’s Day!!


Count me in!

Do we love them because they are pure sugar, or do we love them because they are pure sugar and only available at certain times of the year???

Yeah, I got the amazing wall of Peeps for Valentines Day. Walked
into the kitchen to discover about 20 packages of the strawberry Peeps stacked up in a clever tower design.

So what’s this about microwaving them???


Send 'em away to that special room in Hell reserved for them, candy corn, circus peanuts and black licorice.

Yeck yeck yeck.

I got some of the Valentine’s peeps–the pink hearts, two in each pack. Mmmmmm.

I still have two packs of bunnies leftover from last Easter, and a single pack of purple bunnies from two Easters ago. :smiley:

I got sent peeps last year! All the way from the US of A! They were… sugary. And good.

But for seasonal candy, you can’t beat a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

I like 'em for the science:

Peeps are best when stale. :slight_smile:

I’ve got my eye on you Gazelle. Not in the good way either. You can tell because I’m typing with my brow all furrowed.

Yeah! If you microwave them beckwall, or too be completely honest any marshmallow, they puff up. I think it has something to do with plutonium but I’m not sure. Just be sure to stand back from the microwave when you do this.

And don’t nuke 'em too long. First they get puffy, them melty and gooey (still real puffy), then they go into meltdown mode and you’re left with a charred lump of once fluffy goodness.

The… uh… Valentine Peeps… were they *flavored**or just red? And were they chick-shaped or the less good flat ones like the bunnies? (I didn’t see any Valentine Peeps… Why didn’t someone tellme about Valentine Peeps? I’m hurt.)
-Rue. (peep)

Psst! Anyone looking to send candy corn to the depths of hell - I happen to live firmly in said depths.

I promise, on my honor, to dispose of them properly. :wink:

But you can keep your Peeps. [yay, that rhymes!] Or send 'em to Rue. I don’t think they’re evil incarnate, but they just don’t rock my world. One of the few candies I can resist!

OK - the big question. Yellow or Pink?

For all of you Peep addicts out there…

Yesterday I was driving that lonely stretch of Hwy 58 between Baker and Barstow when there it was.

The Peeps Bus.

It was a converted school bus with a large yellow Peep on the top with a full size mural of all of the different colors of Peeps painted on the side.

Mrs. Gaffer, a self-proclaimed yellow Peep addict, actually squealed as it drove past us in the east-bound lane.

Strange stuff out in the desert.

And here’s a link to the bus.

Oh man SC_Wolf… You have caused me to revise my opinion. I like 'em for the research too!

::tears rolling down my face from laughter::

Everybody knows how much I like peeps!

Verily,I shall consume thee, PEEPS
Gotta get me some.

Druthers? yellow, classic chick-ish peeps

But the strawberry-flavored bright red hearts I got for Valentine’s Day were VERY good…

especially when I left the package open for 4 days and ate them today!!

Man, there are all sorts of Peeps around here.

Easter – Peeps and Bunnies (NO BUNNIES! Gotta have the chicks!), and two kinds of “eggs” - vanilla cream and strawberry cream.

Halloween – pumpkins and ghosts as well as cocoa-flavoured bats

Christmas – christmas trees, snowmen (I think), stockings (I think), and gingerbread-man-flavoured, uh, gingerbread men (taste more like rich sugar cookie dough. mmmm!)

Valentines Day – strawberry red hearts.
There could be more, but I see Peeps so often. I still adore them, though!

For you Tolkien~Peeps fans make sure to check out the Lord of the Peeps site.

mmmmmmmmmm…Cadbury Creme Eggs. [sup]TM[/sup] My favorite Easter candy! I like Peeps too. The yellow chicks. The true Peeps. All others are imposters. All others are abominations.

Woo! That is one niiiiice bus there Gaffer! I want it.