Marshmallow Peeps!

It’s Peeps time again - yay! I love Peeps and can eat an entire box but I know people who despise them. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for my very first poll.

Yellow Spawn of Satan!

I like the marshmallow, I just find the sugar coating burns my mouth.
I prefer my marshmallow treats covered in chocolate. (And slightly stale, the chocolate marshmallow Santas should be just about ready by now, the Halloween treats are not so good anymore. And hard to find)

Not neccessarily.

Sometimes they’re blue.

And pink!

My mom used to like them stale - she’d open a pack and let them sit for a couple of days. I like my Peeps soft!

Heads first! And the first one out of the package is always my favorite, so tender and fluffy.

My wife likes them stale, and so do I. I like it when they’re a little stiff on the outside.

They may not be the tastiest things in the universe, but how can you not love the Peeps Show? I mean, stripper peeps, Gitmo peeps, hero Sully peeps – what’s not to love?

I’m another who sits firmly in the “just a little stale” camp.

I’ve never tried one - can’t bring myself to - something about the way it looks squicks me out.

It’s always fun to microwave them.

I love fresh and soft and gooey and also stale and hard.

I only buy enough of them to put in my kids’ Easter baskets. Because if I buy boxes and boxes of them, I eat boxes and boxes of them! Pink, yellow, blue, white, fresh, stale, somewhere in between, shaped like bunnies, shaped like chicks, shaped like zombies. Doesn’t matter. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. Will not leave them be until they are gone or I puke, whichever comes first.

You may have mine.

Disgusting. I even hated them as a kid, and I was a kid who would eat pretty much any candy. I drew the line at Peeps, though.

You can have mine, especially if its a straight up trade for Cadbury Creme eggs! Mmm - gooey sweetness!

I don’t really like marshmallows much, and the colored sugar on the outside is bitter. but I got some of the new chocolate Peeps the other day. The regular ones are ok, much less bitter cuz there’s no food coloring. The chocolate covered kind taste just like those marshmallow eggs.

And this is why I love them.

Stick two together with a toothpick and they wrestle.

Of course, the only way to actually eat them is to let them go stale first. You have to properly age your Peeps.

Ah, the first sign of spring to me is the appearance of Peeps in the drugstore!

My sister and I argue over stale vs. fresh - I leave mine out for 3-4 days to “age”; she immediately wraps hers in ziploc bags to keep them squishy. My brother-in-law thinks they’re disgusting - he says, “Why don’t you just lick a sugar bowl?”

Yellow is the best tasting, followed by pink…the other colors just taste strange. Although I have not seen the red Peeps this year (otherwise known as “Satan’s Peeps”) - I guess they were too disturbing to repeat. This year’s color seems to be peach.

I’ve tried the other seasonal Peeps (Spooky Cats, pumpkins, Christmas trees, snowmen, hearts, stars) but somehow they just don’t taste right.

The sugarless versions (I have no idea how they can make something that is made up of sugar, sugar-free) are horrible…it was the first time in my life I actually threw out Peeps!
If evil had a taste, it would be sugar-free Peeps!

…and funny you should ask - i just came back from the store with a bag chock full of yellow and green peeps! and, yes - they must be fresh and soft! yum! :smiley: