It's time for Korn to bow out while they still have some dignity.

What the hell has happened to these guys? They started out by basically changing the face of rock forever and now they sound so bad it’s pathetic.

Anyone who denies the impact these guys had on metal/rock is living under a rock. Love’em or hate’em you can’t deny that they retooled metal.

But thier day has passed. The first album was awsome. I remember rolling around in my friends Yugo in High School pounding “faggit” and thinking it was so awsome. Then the second one came. Mediocre, but there are some gems on there, namely the cover of Wicked. Follow the leader comes out and is well produced and there are many good songs on it.

Then we get to Issues. This think stank like a used ass napkin. It was nearly unlistenable.

Take 3 years off. Then comes this new POS Untouchables. These guys don’t even sound like Korn anymore. There’s not a memorable song on it. Nothing good about the whole album. They are all either 30 or over 30.

It’s time to bow out with some grace. Thier place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is secured right now, but if they keep down this path it will disappear.

Please guys, hang it up. For your fans.

Changing the face of rock forever? Wow, you must really be the ex-ultra-fanboi.

Korn did nothing new. They were/are one of many bands in that particular metal niche. They were never pioneers or innovators. They simply enjoyed some mainstream limelight before drifting back into metal obscurity.

And with the Cyrillic character in their name, I thought it was pronounced “Ko-ya-n”. :slight_smile:


Nice try, but /John McClaughlin/


/John McClaughlin/

Korn has done something new.

To quote from Chuck Klosterman’s excellent and hilarious book Fargo Rock City, "‘I’ve never owned a Beatles record. I’ve never even listened to one,’ insists Fieldy, the mono-named Korn bassist. ‘The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin–those bands haven’t influenced us in any way. Nobody in this band ever listened to that stuff. Our music history starts with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and early Faith No More. As a band, that’s where we begin.’

For rock purists that kind of inflammatory statement is enough to qualify Korn as a heretical joke. They have an unabashed disrespect for the history of rock…Yet there is something that can be said about Korn that can’t honestly be applied to almost every other rock group that ever existed: Korn is legitimately new. The band leads a wholly original pop generation; for perhaps the first time, rock music has completely disconnected from its roots."

I could give a rats ass about Korn but they are original and they did change rock.

That by no means qualifies them for the HOF however, except perhaps to give a concert there.

That’s a nice quote, but it really doesn’t address how exactly Korn changed rock. Honestly, I could maybe see a claim that they helped retool metal, or at least where part of a retooled metal movement. But their effect on the entirety of rock is pretty much minimal, IMHO.

Oh and Korn is hardly the first band to claim they’ve never listened to a Beatles album. IIRC, Michael Stipe claimed that two decades ago. In fact I think you’d be hard pressed to find a current top 40 rock act that has heard a Zepplin album all the way through.

As far as I’m concerned, Korn is just another rock band that’s overplayed on corporate radio. But feel free to educate me on how they changed the rock universe.

Besides, they’re named after corn.

I always felt that Korn kind of used Rage Against the Machine as a jumping off point. What they did on the first album was well done, but not completely original.

They still have some dignity?

You’re kidding, right?

Jonathan Davis might as well do a duet with Celine Dion.

Anyone ever hear Fieldy’s solo rap album, “Fieldy’s Dreams” or whatever it is? I disliked them before, but holy crap…that’s some awful stuff. How many words can you rhyme with marijuana?

Give me a break man. Tell me what other bands had the “Korn” sound that is so easily heard now? Let me be more specific, name a band that achieved any sort of success that had the “korn” sound before Korn? None.

Korns combination of extremely detuned guitars, whinny vocals, and percussive bass and drum led rythm tracks was new at the time. They were the first to acheive any sort of mainstream success using that sound. Then all these other bands have followed them. Before Korn all the metal heads loved to have lots of high end in thier car stereos. After Korn hit they all wanted the low end.

And rightfully so because I f**king hate gratuitous soloing.

Lots of Korn’s guitar work is very derivative of Soundgarden, who also detuned their guitars. They were fairly popular before Korn. Of course, there were other metal bands that sounded a lot more like Korn than Soundgarden (aside from the guitar style there isn’t much else similar between the two), but none of them really broke through. I will give them that they were the first of their difficult-to-define ‘sub-genre’ to achieve mainstream success, but the first time I heard them I heard nothing new. I had listened to more metal than most MTV viewers at the time, though.

Soundgarden didn’t do any extrordinary detuning on a regular basis. Korn has tuned to drop A tuning on 7 strings since the get go. Soundgarden used alot of Drop D and sometimes as low as Drop C, but rarely, if ever any lower. The two bands aren’t even similar.

If you want to get into the argument about detuning guitars and finding different sounds then you look no further than SonicYouth who predate both Korn and Soundgarden.

Korn pretty much invented Nu Metal, which one could say ‘changed the face of rock music forever’. :wink:

BTW, I really love Korn’s new album. Some insane, fat hooks in there!

Korn are not a metal band. For gods sake don’t use that word in the same sentence as Korn. Plus, they don’t sound any different than Faith No More if you ask me. The only thing they changed was that hunched-over bass playing style. Way cool man :rolleyes:

Correct, they are a Nu Metal band. :wink:

I have to agree with LockFist here, Korn is not metal. I shudder at the thought of Korn. And what’s the big deal with playing de-tuned? you can still play the same notes with different fingerings so who cares?

I’ve always heard a bit of the Helmet “chugga-chugga” in the nu metal bands, so I’d say they sowed what Korn reaped. Helmet really only had one song, but it was a GOOD song. They also did a bit of detuning, though not to the extent of Korn. Korn bassist tunes to K or something. The whole “how low can my bass go, and how crappy can it sound” thing; I didn’t think it would last this long. Soundgarden’s bassist played with his bass very low, too, but he could really play. Did Helmet achieve the success of Korn? No chance. Does that make Korn better, or just richer?

I don’t think it matters that they claim they never heard the Beatles. Maybe I’ve never heard the bands that influenced the Beatles, so that make me an idiot too. I think it’s a bit naive of them to assume that if they claim that they never heard those bands, then comparisons to them aren’t grounded. I can throw paint on a big canvas and walk around saying “Jackson who?” to any detractors, but it doesn’t change the history in which I do my work. Comparisons are inevitable. It’s also the quickest way to have ‘the kids’ look at you and call you old. For a band that claims to have such a fresh start from the confines of ‘your dad’s rock and roll’, they sure didn’t do that much with it. Every generation is going to plug a guitar into a fuzzbox and a phaser, go “wow!” and write a song. It won’t matter to them that it’s been done before by someone, somewhere else. Where it gets interesting is when people put it together differently, or just out and out invent something completely new. I’ve forgotten his name, but they called him “the godfather of distortion”. He used to poke holes in his speaker cones with a pencil, and stuck a screwdriver into his amp to short something out. There was no “grunge” pedal in 1988. Look what Hendrix did with these new toys called Wah pedals. Look what Brainiac did with a Moog. I’m not saying this to knock the current music scene and I’m going to avoid generalizations here about the age of the average Korn fan.

Eidolon909 is spot-on. Sonic Youth.

I had heard bands very much like Korn before Korn was ever around. Not to say that Korn must have heard of these bands (and I cannot for the life of me remember their names, but we just called it “noise core” back in the day) or anything, but the only shock to me is that they got air time.

Perhaps they were innovative in the sense that they brought that style of music to the radio. I don’t know, I don’t listen to the radio if I can help it. By the time it hits the radio, I think the word “innovative” no longer applies.

I bought Follow the Leader because it sounded new to me. It had a fresh sound, in my opinion.

Will I say Korn changed the face of rock? Nope, but only because I’m no rock expert. I will say, however, I’m not opposed to the newer metal that’s out there. I wouldn’t have thought to put Korn in that category, though. My friends and I call that genre of music (rock + alternative + a splash of hip hop) ‘amp’.

I was going to go on to say I really don’t like Korn. I love Freak on a Leash, though, to this day. Korn, to me, is like Linkin Park - musical guilty pleasures. I don’t like either band but I really have a thing for their songs. Their lyrics suck (I mean really suck) but I just love the music.