It's time to 'share your good news' again!

I don’t have hepatitis.

Not that I thought I did. But three months ago my regular blood work showed a very slightly elevated ALT. Just to rule out the possibility, my doctor added a hep screen to my blood work this time. Imagine my surprise reading the results. :slight_smile:

I not only have ONE job interview, I have TWO. The first one (second that they called me for) is for a job I really, really want so I’ve been studying and preparing for it. I’m so excited!

Because my friend is getting married next week, I’m getting a hair cut and dye this week, so I’ll look extra good at the interviews too! I found the perfect dress to wear to the wedding today.

Our new catis talkative and stinky (recently neutered tom…it’s gonna take a while to stop reeking) but he’s really friendly and clean and he’s beginning to settle in. There is some sort of agreement being forged with the other twogirls.

Went out to dinner with an old HS bud, his wife and friend. Good times!

I found God!

He really was behind that sofa!

Also I was offered a real job after my volunteership ends this month at the church where I’ve been so happy lately. It’s a great job where I am dealing directly with people in need, usually homeless or recently lost their belongings. We give them food and some furniture and clothes and lots of new baby things like car seats and inspected cribs. It’s just a really cool place I enjoy going to every day.

AND my brother gave me a car today! It’s old but not as old as what I have. It’s actually the newest car I’ve ever had, a 2002.

And my little girl finally learned to draw stars.

Wonderful, awesome news! Congrats, Rushgeekgirl! Any more developments on your former-significant-other’s deportation case?