It's time to 'share your good news' again!

Yes, this is partly because I didn’t feel like starting a whole thread just for mine. But I figured that there are probably a lot of people out there who’d like to hear good news about Dopers.

After three tries in as many months, I’ve finally passed my road test and got my G2 driver’s license. That’s a sort of probationary license after the G1 learner’s, so I’ll need to follow a few rules and pass a test for my full license in a few years, but I can drive without a licensed driver in the front seat now!

Time to go car shopping.
What’s good news with you?

Congrats! I failed my first road test, too. I’m a much better driver now.

My good news is that after spending years trying different medications and expensive alternative treatments, I have finally found a medication that helps with my severe chronic depression. I’ve only been on it five days but my energy has been off the charts. It’s not even supposed to take full effect for 6-8 weeks. I feel so much lighter, more alert, more motivated to act… I can’t believe it.

Also, I have two job interviews next week, one of which stated, ‘‘We’re very interested in your application.’’ fingers crossed

We just had our second ICSI pixie, and we’ve survived the first month! We think she’s gorgeous, a really placid baby, and luckily her big sisterthinks so too as I was worried about whether we would be asked to take her back to the hospital…

Somewhat on a whim I called up “Billy” the gun dealer and he came by to look at an old 22 rifle that I had knocking around for decades. He dropped $250 on me and everybody went home happy. And AT&T sent me the $100 VISA rewards card as a rebate on my router. The rep from India was the best I have ever seen at helping and she accelerated the card by 4-6 weeks. I already have my chauffeurs license so it’s all good here.

Good for you!

My book will be published this summer with a reputable publishing house. My next writing plans are: break into a national market and get an agent for a series of books I have in mind.

Hey, congrats! She’s beautiful.
Let’s see, good news… good news… I’ll get back to you on that!

Today is a good news day for me! Just got back from my ultrasound, and I’m having a (very flexible and not at all camera shy) boy!

Yay for good news!

I did start my own thread earlier this week, but I’m still happy, so I’ll mention my promotion here, too.

New (more minor) good news - I just ran two miles…no knee problems. Cross training on my recumbent bike seems to help!


Our girl twins were born ten days ago, and came home from the NICU on Wednesday, earlier than the doctor expected. They’re doing fine, although they’re tiny (four pounds and five pounds. Our boys were about nine each).

That’s been the best and biggest news around here. We’re very, very grateful that they’re healthy because they’re slightly preemie (born at 35 weeks).

The book I co-edited with my (former) spouse is being inducted into The Blues Foundations’s Hall of Fame! See: The Voice of The Blues: Classic Interviews from Living Blues Magazine (on Amazon). For press release, see:

I got a fantastic performance review and a raise! I love my job.

My baby girl is due in late April, we bought a house a month ago for under market value and my husband got a great job in December. I’m starting to get paranoid that things are going too well.

As mentioned in another thread, my 5 year old dog had cataract surgery and now can see again! Hooray!

My dog had stem cell treatment for arthritis in his knee. It’s beginning to look like it worked!

I got to spent a full day in the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia, sitting at the bar table on an appeal. It was awesome! I got to do stuff instead of just watching.

I got my acceptance letter from the university I’m transferring to.

With rare exception, my meal-planning, prior months’ stock-up shopping, money back from recycling metal and use of change w/ coupons has meant not touching our credit cards so far this month. Holiday and surrogacy expenses have made for 4 digit credit card bills for 4 months so this will hopefully break the cycle!

I found out I’m going to be a grandpa again, this time from my oldest son, who is 40. Not expected, obviously, from either of us. My youngest son’s wife is also pregnant, so this will be grandchildren #7 & #8. A total of eleven, if we count step-grands.

My #2 son and his stepson are driving out for a visit next month, which I’m looking forward to. This is the son (he’s 35!) for whom I intervened a few years ago about a serious drug problem with oxy and the like. His life had hit a nadir: his marriage was in jeopardy, he’d been fired for stealing drugs, and he’d been arrested for it. I’m proud to say that he’s been clean since I stepped in, and is now the operations manager for a start-up company that is doing very well.

Hmm, I was going to brag that my team in the Friday-night curling league was down by five heading into the last end and came back to win, but after reading the thread it seems a little anti-climactic.

Congrats to, well, everybody.

My mom is elderly and has displayed some alarming confusion, and hallucinatory episodes at night, so she was referred to a neurologist. She is scheduled to have a CAT scan and get her alpha brainwaves measured, so it ain’t over. But the good news is the doctor said flat out he didn’t see any signs of dementia!

I started a new job in November, and though it was only 20 hours a week, it pays so well that I ended up with a bigger paycheck than at my former, full-time gig. When I was hired the plan was for me to pick up more hours in June…

It didn’t take long at all before I was asked if I’d be interested in more hours, though a couple of grants had to be written and approved to fund the hours. As of this week I’m already up to 32 hours a week (after two weeks at 30), and my boss is put out that a drawn out HIPAA-related legal issue with the contract for the program the university is purchasing for the online course we’re developing is delaying the purchase and keeping me from already being at 40 hours a week.

Being appreciated and knowing that my work is valued enough to want me for more hours is a nice change :slight_smile: Not to mention the extra money!

My Dad moved into a condo just down the hall from me. I haven’t seen him in 2+ years, so this is good.

New, more satisfying duties at work.

I can afford to rep[lace my chair & loveseat, & well be replacing my condo doors & window.