It's Warm Here Bwahahaha!

Sorry, couldn’t resist after talking to the Honorary Wing Commander (mom) of 633squadron yesterday about the winter storms in the Northeast:

Highs were in the mid-70s in the Silicon Valley. :cool:

People are always complaining about the high cost of living here: “For what I paid for a 2-bdrm townhouse here, I could have a four-bedroom house on 1/2 acre of land in New York!”

True, but then you’d have to live in New York, where the great American pastime for 6 months of the year seems to be shoveling snow. :eek:

I sometimes have to shovel snow out of the driveway of my ski cabin in Tahoe, but then afterwards I get to ski. Given the choice of doing that afterwards, or going to work, I know what I’m choosing!

Go thou and do likewise.

Dude, we have had like 1 snow storm this year. How does that translate to 6 months. Were you thinking of Buffalo, NY maybe? :wink:

BTW: Last year we had only 2.

My kids are seriously jonesing for a real winter like we used to have in the sixties and seventies.

Besides, LA area vs NYC area, well it is a matter of taste, but man does NYC offer so much more.


Ah…blossoms on the trees and everything…

Didn’t we have this discussion last year, too?