It's wrong to judge a person on how they look, but...

It’s wrong to judge a person on how they look, but if there were a part in a movie that called for a “Twit”, and Ted Cruz was up for that part, he would nail his audition. He probably wouldn’t have to read for the part. He would just walk in with that winning smile of his, and auditions would be over. The director’s would look at each other and say; “We found our Twit!”

Ted Cruz is actually hundreds of spiders wearing a soft, pudgy skin suit.

If someone were to ever revive The Munsters…

The 2 responses to this thread already have me laughing. :smiley:

I’ve always called him Uncle Fester myself as well…

And I say that as conservative that embraces most of his values…though the fact he appears to be a sleazy “these are my values” politician ala Hillary is a different issue…

This needs a spoot warning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual openly arachnid spiders or closet spiders?

Ted Cruz.

When I first saw him on the news, he seemed like “Beaky Buzzard” from Bugs Bunny. But maybe I was being unfair.

When he started to speak, his voice had a nasal twang that made me think that he must be a fucking idiot. But maybe I was being unfair.

So… I muted the TV & read what he was saying as it scrolled along the bottom of the screen.
People, I’m sorry to have to say this… but what he said made him seem like a fucking idiot too. Seeing him at a summit with Putin would be like flipping the channels & seeing bad gay porn.

Is this just about Cruz or can we remark on Trump too?

He’s got the facial expressions and mannerisms of a drama queen, 10 yr old, I swear!

Every article seems accompanied by a photo of him sneering, shouting, or grimacing! Even if his political stance was less off putting, the faces he pulls alone would give me pause.


He’s got a punchable face. He’d look like an ordinary snake in the grass but he keeps trying to smile and it just produces a nasty smirk, perfect for his message. You gotta wonder what’s inside the people that vote for him.

Kinda like Hillary looking to the upper right (from her point of view) in all the recent internet ads…in her big thighs pants suits?

Pfffft. Hillary’s an ol’ lady. Or a mature woman, if you prefer. Her looks are no worse and quite a bit better than the general run of ol’ ladies. Also she looked great when she was a YOUNG lady; look at some of her pix from Wellesley or Yale Law School.

Cruz, on the other hand, is a 44-year-old man in the prime of his life. He has absolutely no right to subject the American public to that face.

He looks like a grown-up Ralph Wiggum.

Hah hah… :slight_smile:

You can make it about anyone. :slight_smile:

Careful, you might throw out your back trying to pick up such low hanging fruit.

There’s a Facebook meme going around right now depicting a picture of Crud next to a picture of Martin Short as Ed Grimley.


They resemble each other almost as much as Crud and Eddie Munster.

Not always

I see your Ted Cruz, and I raise you Christopher Pyne, the man with the most punchable face in Australian politics, and a personality to match.

Whenever I see Ted Cruz, I think I’m looking at Tim Calhoun, the presidential candidate played by Will Forte on SNL.