itunes. Any way to have 'move to the recycle bin' be the default action when delete is pressed?

Why can’t ANYTHING EVER be designed to be useful and useable!!
Rant over. Is there a way of setting itunes so that if I press delete, it deletes the file?
Instead of asking me if I want to either move it to the recycle bin or keep the file?
And what’s so hard about the following…

A crap song comes on, you press delete, itunes (or other media player) deletes it, AND moves onto the next song.
I have a massive collection of music, a large proportion of which I don’t like. I want to be able to delete a bad track when I hear it without having to confirm, and without having to ‘restart’ the playing through the list.
I just want delete, move on.

When you pay $1 for a song and only have a digital copy and can’t redownload it, you don’t want to make it that easy to delete.

Most of my songs I didn’t get from itunes. I got in bulk from friends. As a result of that I’ve acquired a lot of rubbish that I have absolutely no reason to want to keep. I have more reason to want to get rid of it - I want to reduce my collection as far as possible to only those songs I like, to enable me to fit more good stuff on my limited-size ipod.

Ah, you’re making the mistake of thinking iTunes was designed for your needs. My suggestion is to rate songs you don’t like with 1 star, then create a smart playlist to find them and periodically clean them all out.

Isn’t there an option to check the box saying “Do not ask me again”? I don’t know how you’d set up iTunes to actually delete the file from your computer though. When I hit Delete it just removes it from iTunes, it’s still in the original folder.

It will allow you to move the file to the recycle bin if it’s root is the default itunes folder.

Rather than move all my music to the itunes folder, I re-assigned it to where my music currently is. (c:\music) so once I did that I was able to move them to the RB on delete (which is fine by me)

My only issue is being asked every time, and having to hit play again after deleting. There is no option for ‘do not ask me again’ which is annoying because 99percent of the things I use have that type of behaviour built in.