iTunes: Changing Video Type from Movies to TV Shows for Multiple Items

How do I do this?

When I import videos into ITunes, the all show up as “Movie.” Now, that’s fine for the actual movies, but I also have some TV shows. It’s a pain to change each file’s properties one at a time in iTunes. Is there a way I can change multiple items from “Movie” to “TV Show” in iTunes?

I’ve been waiting for them to fix this but it can’t be done yet, at least not the last time I checked.
ETA: wouldn’t hurt to check the forums here that’s where I’ve been looking.

I’m assuming you are using a Mac. If not, I’ve got nothin’
If so: Here you go.

Sorry – I should have been clearer about the platform. Yeah, I’m on Windows, so Apple Scripting (as far as I know) won’t work.

My bad for not including that in the OP.