I've acheived my summer running goal.

At the beginning of the spring semester, when I was first starting to run, my trainer insisted that I set some kind of a goal.

Uh, whatever, I said.

She said, how about doing a 5K run/walk by the end of the summer?

Tschah, right, I said. Five kilometers? Five American kilometers? You very funny girl. Ha-ha. Okay, fine, write down five kilometers on your silly piece of paper, if you want.

But today, I walked 5 minutes to warm up, ran 28 minutes, and walked 11 minutes to cool down, covering a total distance of 5 kilometers.

At the beginning of the summer, I was only able able to run 5 minutes at a stretch, and weighed ten pounds more than now. I jumped into the middle of a Couch to 5K plan, and ran faithfully three days a week, and went on a diet. Over three months, I was transformed into . . . The Most Boring Person on the Planet. I cannot have a five-minute conversation with anyone without talking about the condition of my knees, my max and resting heart rate, the number of fat grams I’ve consumed so far today, or the nutritional benefits of nonfat yogurt.

Which is really great stuff, by the way.

Anyway, I am feeling like quite the stupendous badass, and thought I would share.

Congratulations! Next stop: half-marathon. :smiley:

Seriously, I know where you’re at with the boring person part. I was completely insufferable the first few months I got into running. Just when I got over that, I got back into weights and it started all over again. I think a few of my friends just put up an autodelete rule in their email programs…

You’re not boring, find a running club to talk to.
Just think,you’re a newbie and no goats. :smiley:

Enough about you. Let’s talk about my knees. I think I’m picking up some runner’s knee again. I had some trouble with it when I first started, once I lost weight it got better. I think it’s because of doing lot more distance at a running pace and I–

Er, yes, so anyway. Thank you, both.

I dunno about a half-marathon, but I thought it’d be awfully cool to be able to run around my “block,” which would be 6.8 km. (I live in the country, obviously.) And it would probably be good to improve my pace. I feel pretty pokey right now.

But whoo hoo! I did it, and it felt goooood. Can’t wait to go out tomorrow morning and do it again!

Knees? Seriously? I found my runner’s knees problems cleared right up once I started adding in supplementary resistance training (and temporarily ramping back a bit on milage for a month or so). Turns out they were acting up because of a muscle imbalance that was causing my knee caps to mistrack–doing lots of squats and similar stuff cleared it right up. Haven’t had a problem with it since. Also did a good job of tanking out my legs and giving me this cool t-rex like build. :wink:

Uh, anyway. Happy running. Put in a few for me this weekend.