I've been unfaithful again

To the SDMB. One reason is that they block me from here at work.
My latest find: http://brayforum.cjb.net/
I can discuss in two languages there, andone is not Gaelic. The woman that runs it reminds me of OpalCat.
And I’ve joined now 5 boards that require registering, plus one Yahoo.
I may not make my 2500 posts goal here by April :slight_smile:
But I’m NOT LEAVING even if you all insult me now. :slight_smile:


I’m leaving…to go to bed…with my pillow…and my wife …later…

I’ll bet you post on those other boards and pretend it’s Opalcat.


…send lawyers, guns, and money…

       Warren Zevon

I didn’t mean for this to happen. I was only using the search engine to find some information to answer a thread here. But I wandered on to this other website and it was really interesting and, well, one thing led to another…

I swear I was thinking about this board the whole time I was posting.

:rolleyes: Oh yeah Little Nemo, I bet that’s what you say to all the boards!!

sunbear!! :eek: How couldyou???

“Um, according to who? Nothing more than a high brow troll, though occasionally the bi polar personality swung in a constructive direction on innocuous topics.” Omniscient

Who so ever looketh upon another board with curiosity in their heart hath already been unfaithful to the SDMB.


My goodness. Cheating is one thing, but being so damn open about it?

Y’all are cheap shameless skanks, that’s what y’all are.

Voted Poster Most Likely To Post Drunk

WallyM7 on Coldfire:
"Yeah, he knows a little about everything because they have a good prison library."

In my contract with the SDMPB it was specifically an open relationship with the board. I also think moderators should ne allowed other boards where they can participate more emotionally than here where they have to hold back every smartass comment to cool things down.

Besides, Cecil has never answered my questions, not even the testicles one I tailor made for his area of expertise.

Now, whenever you post here, I know you’ll be thinking about the other boards. It’s just not the same.

Does Usenet count?

I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am

It all counts.


I hope you used those little rubber fingers while you posting at that other board.

While you were posting at that other board.

I can’t help it. I’m so upset!

lol I found this page on our site tracker, didn’t recognise the address, got curious and here I am…

Having now seen Opalcat’s site, I suppose I can also understand sunbear’s comparison… s

Sooo… Hi from Ireland! :wink:

Stellllaaaaaa!! (I really wish I knew how to do bolding)

Sorry, but I knew if didn’t post it someone else would.

Welcome to the board!

OK, add me to the ranks of the cheaters. I don’t even feel guilty about it, either. :cool:

“I hope you used those little rubber fingers while you posting at that other board.” I use my toes only there.

Stella and OpalCat have too much time or too much power at their fingers.

But there are several differences between them which you’ll have to figure out.


That must been about the 620489315305th time I heard/read that one…

Thanks anyway! s


Heh, I almost feel like you’ve given them a riddle… the differences

So, where’s this famous OpalCat hiding?

(thinks If the UBB image tag has been switched off this post is going to look really stupid…)

Woohoo! The image tags are on!