Who's SO also posts on this board?

My (wonderful, brilliant, sexy, delicous, beautiful) girlfriend has just recentley joined this message board and it got me to wondering how many other peoples SO’s post on this board as well? Has this ever caused any problems, maybe changed the way you may have answered something? I’m sure she’ll pop in soon to introduce herselfs so i’ll leave that part up to her.:slight_smile:

My girlfriend posts here, in fact, I met her through the boards. There are ton of SDMB couples, the first that come to mind are Sauron and Aries28. Can’t remember the others at the moment but you can check teemingmillions.com

my husband introduced me to the boards… I haven’t had any problems because of that nor have I changed any posts because of him being a member :slight_smile:

Well, there’s me and Dr.J, and Auntie Em and SkipMagic, and a bunch more I can’t think of right off the bat.

I know that Aries was a little freaked out at first about some of the stuff Sauron had posted about their love life before she joined the boards, but I don’t think it was a real problem. More of a “Damn, baby, I can’t believe you just said that!” kind of thing.

As for us, we don’t even stumble into the same threads all that often, so it’s never been much of an issue. There have been a few times I’ve edited my posts because I thought he might misinterpret them and I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it, but I’ve never changed the point of the post, just the way it was worded.

Several of my SOs post here, they’re just unaware of the esteem in which they’re held.

My husband posts occasionally, but our relationship isn’t commonly known on the boards.

My husband is a member, but more of a lurker. If you see Shaggy around, that’s him. I think he might have a grand total of one post to his name.

He joined because of our Evil Cooler event - I had to explain why I had to take pictures of our cooler to post on the internet and he was intrigued. If you ask him, he will say he thought I was completely nuts, but I say he was intrigued. Soon he was sucked in like everybody else.

I don’t feel like I post differently at all because of him, but I don’t post really personal details either. Well, except that one time, but he doesn’t know about that.

My girlfriend posts from time to time, but she mostly reads, whereas I’ll post any inane crap that comes to mind.



Actually, SkipMagic stalks me on the boards when he’s bored. He won’t admit to it, but did you ever notice that we always seem to pop up in the same threads? Surely our interests aren’t that compatible . . . :wink:

Seriously, though, since I met Skip via the SDMB, after I’d been posting for quite awhile, I did have a moment of “OY–what kind of crap was I spewing around here before I met him?”, because it’s all available if the hamsters cooperate.

And it’s one thing to be spewing crap to a bunch of strangers, but it’s another when suddenly there’s this person you’re hoping to impress who can go back and read all of it! It’s like if your brand new boyfriend was suddenly privy to transcripts of all of the conversations you had with your friends before you met him.

(Well, not quite like that, but you know . . . )

My honey posts (but mostly lurks) around here. She is Upside_Down_Amber, although her name is not Amber and she normally appears to be the right way around.

There is only one thing I’ve ever posted that got me into trouble, and I knew it would at the time, so it’s all my own fault. I post freely without worrying what she’ll read. She is my best friend, so why would I hide things from her that I can tell relative strangers on a public messageboard?

I love SDMB couples. When my ex refused to register, it should have been my first clue.

Elenfair and I both post here. The three dogs have yet to register, though.

Yep…I was bored one day at work and pulled up the old Dope and joined. I did a vanity search on my beloved and came across a thread in which he discussed a miscommunication we had about sex. I was more freaked about the fact he discussed it via 40,000 strangers than anything else. Of course, that is before I became addicted here and feel like I know people. :wink:

And I got my semi-revenge when I posted about him wandering into the shower in the middle of the night, completely unaware, and peeing in there thinking he was at the toilet. :slight_smile:

Gunslinger posts here. We’d have to both post on the boards, as it’s how we met.

I believe Sealomon88 and BubbleGirl are a couple. My apologies if those are misspelled.

I - Intaglio posts and so does my SO - Tranquilis.

Isn’t GingerOfTheNorth married to a doper, Weirddave maybe?

… And aren’t Airman Doors and MsRobyn a couple as well?

Guess we’ll find out shortly who does vanity searches. I say we feed them to the hamsters :smiley:

As long as we’re naming superstar Doper couples, let’s not forget:

DanielWithrow and burundi
Geobabe and UncleBill
bodypoet and todd33rpm
matt_mcl and Potter

And, if you’re oldschool, you’ll remember

Montfort and anniz.

My girlfriend (thingnumberone) lurks. Probably has four posts to her name.

My husband registered as, get this: fairychatdad and he has maybe 5 posts to his name. I think he joined to see what I see in all this. But he wasn’t sucked in. He doesn’t get it.

Despite that, our marriage is still strong.