Why doesn't your wife/husband/significant other post at the SDMB?

If you’re here, why aren’t they?

I don’t have an SO currently so that’s my excuse, but what’s yours?

Well, my wife has other online places she prefers, but she reads here sometimes an has made a couple of posts as Lyanthya.

She’s more of a lurker. I send her links from time to time, though.

Ah, but she does. Not as much as on another board, but she is fairly active here.

He’s not big on message boards.

She’s not big on message boards.

“Why would I want to post on some geeky message board… god, you’re such a nerd”.

So that’s pretty much that!

Tip: when explaining why you’re off to a dopefest, do NOT begin with the words “well sweetie, there’s this bunch of guys I know from the internet…”. There is no way to recover from that.

She used to, and in fact, she’s the one that introduced me to this board, so you can all blame her for me sticking around. :wink: But eventually, she felt like it wasn’t her thing, and she found another board full of intelligent folks that was more to her liking.

It is not unusual for us to be sitting side-by-side in the evenings after work, and for one of us to say, “Oh, there’s a thread* on my board about xyz that was really interesting…” and for the other to reply, “Oh yeah, I was reading about that on my board earlier, and THEY said…” Makes for good conversation sometimes. :slight_smile:

*It should be noted that a disproportionate number of these thread comparisons relate to the topic of “Rock Band.”

I’m not sure my husband has ever put it in those exact words, but I think it pretty much sums up his attitude towards it! Which is fine with me. :slight_smile:


My husband knows a lot about computers, but doesn’t enjoy “playing” with them. In fact, he once said he wished there could be two internets, one for business and the other for entertainment purposes, so all the silly people playing games, watching videos, etc. could quit slowing things down. (He knows as well as we do that it was a ridiculous thing to say, but it illustrates his attitude well).

He knows about the board and my user name, so he could easily find my posts if he wished, but he doesn’t. I can tell, because we’d surely have fought about some of it. Truthfully, I’m very glad he’s not here because I feel freer to be myself, but I try not to post anything I couldn’t defend.

I do regret that I will probably never meet any of you.

Ditto. She has become friends with some Dopers that she’s met through me, and she finds us “amusing”.

Are you saying this because your husband’s attitude would prevent you from participating in any user meets, or for some other reason?

Someone already took his favorite user name.

My gf works in advertising; she was recently promoted to VP in the company (which, it turns out, means not as much as I thought). She has a farm, horses, etc. We both enjoy kayaking, bicycling, live music, etc. Basically, she has zero free time.

Well, like Wallenstein said, it’s a difficult subject to broach. We aren’t very social people to begin with, so it would be extremely unusual for me to go hang out with anyone, let alone Strangers! From the Internet! I’d wind up bringing the husband along, and *that *wouldn’t be any fun.

I love him very much and he’s not really an asshole, somehow I just make him sound that way. :smiley:

It couldn’t be less her kind of thing.

She isn’t big on fighting ignorance generally, and given events in her life over the last couple of years communicating with a bunch of strangers over the net is probably not good for her anyway.

FWIW she has way more real life friends than I do.

My husband doesn’t post here because he’s never had interest in doing so (especially when it was pay to post). He posts elsewhere on messageboards that cater to his interests.

Why SHOULD my SO post here? We don’t need to do everything together.

My wife teases me mercilessly whenever she sees me on the Dope she says “Are you looking at that Chat Room again?” it doesn’t help that the few times she has looked at the screen the guy with the screen name “StinkPalm” has usually just posted so she thinks this is some kind of weird sex site…

This sounds like something my SO would say.