Who's SO also posts on this board?

No. Airman and I are not a couple. Don’t let the fact that we live together, have a joint checking account, a baby, and the same last name fool you. :smiley: ;):stuck_out_tongue:


My SO posts less than I do, but she is a powerhouse in waiting. Miabella has her dog related message board where she has thousands of posts. I am still waiting for her to defect. The dog people seem to spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the meaning of the consistency of their animal’s feces. I just don’t get the attraction.

My boyfriend 1010011010 is a member. He doesn’t really actively post unless I point something out to him. He’s always mumbling something about the boards being too slow for him.

I have been a Doggie Board Disciple. It started because my mom’s dog was eating soap, and became an obsession. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve been there.

Dog shit does become extraordinarily interesting.

But there is hope. I defected and came here. :wink:

The only downside of having two SDMB posters in the same household (until my computer and my stuff can be moved here to the US – ask me about US immigration, someday… :mad: ) is that we sometimes forget to log the other out before posting.

So if you see a post attributed to me talking about PORK, FANTASY FOOTBALL or OBSCURE COMPUTER GAMES it was probably lno.

If you see a post attributed to lno talkin’ about DOG TRAINING, MUSIC or (heaven forbid!) GIRLY TMI, it was probably me.


There are lots of doper couples around… of those not yet noted, I can think of LaurAnge and New And Improved Scott… scottevil and jeremyevil… and a bunch more!

Forgot to mention, my girlfriend here is Topaz. I believe we’re the youngest hook ups on the SDMB.

So tell us the story. :slight_smile:

Hey, burundi, get in here! We’re SUPERSTARS!

strutting :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey… I’m almost to double digits. :wink:

My wife herownself is a frequent visitor and semi-frequent poster. She’s actually the one who introduced me to Cecil’s work, in book form (she grew up in Chicago), but I beat her to the message boards.

We check with each other before posting personal stuff, usually. Sometimes we forget.

** robertliguori** & I are a couple and will be celebrating our 1-year anniversary in December. I didn’t meet him in the boards, but he’s the one who got me hooked on em.

Auntie Em and Elenfair, when my wife got her CD for our dog I tried to convince her to post a celebratory thread here. She demurred saying that no one would understand what she was talking about. At least I now know there are other dog people here.

I must speed up the implementation of my plan.

Actually, Jer isn’t registered, and I won’t let him. :smiley:

I had seen her posts and she seemed like an intelligent young lass, and seeing as how she seemed to share my interests, I sent her an email. (shy as I am though, it took a good 2 hours to send that email).

After we learned we mutually shared about… everything in common… well, we haven’t stopped talking since. I think we spent like 16 hours talking on a saturday, during the week sometimes we don’t get to talk as much though. :slight_smile:

Wow. I post so rarely nowadays I’m amazed anyone remembers me, much less classifies me among the superstars! My husband, on the other hand, is a true superstar in the ignorance-fighting arena.

New & Improved Scott has accrued a disturbingly high post count (396!) when I wasn’t looking.

Although not superstars, Spider Woman and I are a couple.

We were together before she registered, and I registered after I checked out what was occupying so much of her time.

Wow, that was 3 years ago, seems like 2 1/2.

Yeah. Thanks for reminding me.

Also, you forget our sweet young’ns iampunha and fizzestothetop.

Do you read these boards? It would become an eight page thread. Some people would check in to see which CD it was, some would check in to say “They make CDs for dogs?!”, half a dozen would come by to say “Hi Opal,” “I like pie,” or "Ah, so they’re 1920s style “Death CDs.” Then there’d be the requisite trolls (“Dogs suck!”), off-topic posts, hijacks. And then the whole thing would turn into a discussion of whose dog likes what music and what future CDs she should buy. Heck, TEN pages would be about right!

So THAT’S what that loud yammering noise is!