When you join a new message board...

…do you ever feel like you are cheating on your old message board?

There’s another message board?

There are other message boards? I only have eyes for the SDMB. Sure we argue sometimes, maybe even become estranged, but we always kiss and make up and get back together. The SDMB is my boo.

Well, my old message board cheated on me with a KNITTING BLOG, so as far as I’m concerned the bastard had it coming.:mad:

Yes! But I know of at least one person who posts to both.

No. Message boards are open relationships.

I just lost interest in the subject matter of my old board…the one I used to moderate. After 10 years, it seemed like every aspect of that particular subject had been done over and over again.

Na. I have four that I regularly visit, and often times when one or the other is slow, other ones are busy.

Not sure about my answer, but members on the other message board not only think you’re cheating when posting here, they think you’re a two bit whore. But they’re just jealous, that’s all.

Do you think I should come clean with them?

Not at all, considering they never miss me on the old board.

Which, funny enough, is the exact same direction I’m headed in here.

no because I still post on my other ones (I have too much free time)

You wouldn’t happen to go by mookie on the other board, would you?

We tried counseling because of my rampant infidelity, but nothing panned out. My last board cited “irreconcilable differences.” And then she winds up getting HALF my shit!

Not quick enough, he can’t answer.

Weird… I looked at some of his old posts. There was a mookie at another board that pulled the pity party stuff. He was right no one missed him there.

I am a refugee from a couple of other boards.

BTW, I note no one has mentioned any other board by name in this thread. Some boards discourage discussing other boards by name, is that the case here? I would not want to offend . . .

I’m on several, but the others are more specialized.

Not cheating… I’m just dating around.

Dunno. I’m new here too. Just don’t make smart-aleck comments about PA and you’ll be fine.

As long as you’re not trying to start a board war or only trying to drive traffic to the other board(spamming, in other words), you should be fine.

I’ve seen a number of times where a poster is advised to seek advice at a more specialized board.