I've discovered the secret to oven fries!

Inspired by QtM’s new pleasures thread, I feel that I must share with you all my own newfound snackfood delight: Oven Fries Broiled with Bacon.

Simply place strips of bacon on the bottom of your broiler pan, cover with a good thick layer of frozen fries, and then, optionally, put a few strips of bacon on top of the pile too. Broil at 350 for about 15 min or until Fires are golden brown.

The fries soak up all the yummy bacon grease, so that no grease is wasted to clog up your drain, and the resulting dish of crispy bacon strips and crispy bacon fries is both fast, cheap, and delicious! I eat mine without salt, since the bacon is already salty, or ketchup.

How I managed to make it through life before this breakthrough, I have no idea.

Nope…just your arteries. I could feel mine hardening just from reading that.

Well… that totally negates the reason for eating inferior oven fries rather than delicious deep fried potato… and it involves bacon. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.*
*Pretty much neither, but it does seem a little pointless to bother with oven fries if you’re just going to use them to absorb saturated fat. And I love deep fried potato and bacon.

Oh come on now, you’ve got to live a little once in a while. Have some celery sticks afterwards if it makes you feel better.

This worked out a lot better than that time I tried throwing leftover christmas chocolates in the deep frier. Boy was that a mess.

Ah! the secret is bacon? I knew it would be either that, or butter.

What? You don’t cook your bacon in butter?

I microwave frozen fries, then drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle on grated Romano.

Hey, you keep your health food out of this. :wink:

[Homer Simpson]Butter that bacon, boy![/Homer Simpson]

Hmm, my secret is low and slow with frozen fries. Made some last night.

I just take a cookie pan, spray it with a bit of Pam and throw the fries on it. I sometimes season them with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt.

I then cook them at 375 for about 35 minutes, fliiping them every 10 minutes or so.


Wait a minute, it takes 35 minutes to cook over-processed frozen french fries?

Did you know if you cut some actual potatoes into wedges and toss the wedges with olive oil and sea salt and cracked pepper [sup]*[/sup]you can make them in 20 minutes, cooking at 450°?

And I guarantee they will taste better than your starchy french fry shaped globs.

  • adding fresh chopped rosemary and sage helps too

Congratulations. You’ve made deep-fried french fries look healthy by comparison. Try adding confectioner’s sugar and hollandaise sauce next.

Now if you take your baconated fires and cover them in Gravy and cheese curds you are in heaven… or hell or wherever you think you go when that massive corinary hits, enjoy.

I hope that’s a whoosh. Otherwise…:barf smiley:

Bacon’s not health food? :confused:

I can’t imagine how one could possibly do better than this.

He was referring to the nuked olive oil fries (at which point, fries becomes a real misnomer).

Once again, we have proven my theory that there is nothing that bacon doesn’t make better.

Next week: World Peace.

Why do you think that Jews and Muslims are at such odds with one another. No bacon!

You don’t COOK bacon! You deep-fry it in pure lard.

THEN you butter it.

Bacon just doesn’t work with fries for me (I tried it again when I was in Vancouver - I came this close to getting poutine, but at the last minute wimped out on the gravy part & just got the cheese and bacon.)

And it doesn’t make sense. I like potato skins with bacon and cheese, I like baked potatoes with bacon and cheese - but bacon and cheese on fries just doesn’t work. Rationally, they’re the same thing - but they just seem to taste different.

I once bought a recipe book partially because it had a recipe for something that reads vaguely like chicken fried bacon. So far, I’ve been too lazy to make it.