Bacon fries

A few days ago, I decided I had a goal in life:

To fry enough bacon and collect the grease until I can fill a deep-fryer with it, and then make french fries. Bacon fries.

I kicked around some back-of-the-napkin calculations, and it’ll probably take about 8-10 packages of bacon to get enough grease to fill the small Euro-Pro F1063 5-Liter Stainless Steel Deep Fryer. Ideally I’d make it all at once and not give the grease time to congeal, but even if it did, it melts easily under low heat. I could make bacon casually and pour the grease into a old glass jar until I had enough to fill the deep fryer, and then fill the fryer with that. I am aware that this has the possibility of fire and death.

I could probably just buy a bag of frozen crinkle-cut Oreida french fries at the grocery and toss those in, but I may want to experiment with some home-cut fries and various herb and spice mixes. I don’t know if the bacon flavor would overpower the fries and any spices, or if it’d just be a pleasant aftertaste of bacon. Perhaps I could thin out the bacon grease with some vegetable oil, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that mixing oils in a deep fryer is a bad idea, as they separate and heat unevenly, possibly leading to fire and death.

It’d be extremely unhealthy, obviously. I wouldn’t dream of eating too much of these in one sitting, and I’d likely even prep myself for the week before by eating salads, and the same for the week after, in order to thin out the blood, so to speak. Of course, there’d be a good deal of cardiovascular exercise to minimize the effects of this, and to keep me in shape enough to minimize the possibility of fire and death.

This idea may have legs, too. The Minnesota State Fair runs from August 25th to Labor Day, and it’s widely known for deep-fried food on a stick. (Listen to Bonny Wolf’s NPR report entitled The Minnesota State Fair on a Stick). Maybe, just maybe, this idea could turn a buck or two. I could take a week off of work in late August, work 12-hour days at the state fair frying potatoes in bacon grease, and come back to work in September with piles of money – that is, of course, as long as there’s no fire and death.

Selling bacon fries at the state fair. It’s really got potential, I think. I wouldn’t be able to use the dinky deep-fryer I have at home; I’d need something for commercial use. A little bit of searching has led me to FRYER, Electric, Twin 15 lb Oil Capacity Pots, #F-67 from Wells, only $1239.00 each with free shipping. I don’t know if that’s the right one for the job, though; I’d have to talk to a few other vendors at the state fair and see what equipment they use, and whether they buy or rent. Startup costs here could be worse than I’d expect, so I should probably budget, say, two or three times that amount for just equipment, let alone supplies and insurance against the possilibity of fire and death.

Continuing down this path, the state fair helpfully has linked their concession stand application form and brochure with rate information. I see two potential hurdles here: one, the application form asks for three previous fairs where I’ve worked, and two, the rate information calls for 12.5% of my gross sales as a commission. The first one could be bypassed by pleading that everyone’s got to start somewhere, and that bacon fries are a rarity in the world of state fairs, while the second … well, I doubt a new entrepreneur could negotiate a better rate with the state fair, given that they turn away more concessionaires than then allow in, likely due to the higher risk of fire and death.

But if I’m going to do this at the fair, why limit myself to just bacon fries? And also, what would I do with the bacon? It’d be a waste to throw it out, when I could certainly recoup some of the expense by selling strips of bacon (3 per ticket!) or possibly even BLTs. That’d be a somewhat healthy alternative to everything being deep-fried at the fair … unless I deep-fried a BLT on a stick. That’s a possibility for later, but not right now. However, poutine would be a perfect idea here. Bacon fries, covered in cheese curds, covered in gravy! And even for the people who just want deep-fried cheese curds, I could get a jump on the competition by selling bacon-fried cheese curds! On a stick! I’d, of course, have to advertise that there’s no risk of fire and death from eating these.

The downside, of course, would be health issues and possible negative publicity. I can see it now – lines stretching around the block, me in the booth hastily filling orders and colleting money, and local newspapers writing scathing editorials about the health problems of the nation and the predatory practices of purveyors like me who prey on the people who purchase my product. Fingers shaking, vague statements about how Something Must Be Done, threats to get the health department down … unless I circumvent it all by openly declaring (possibly in a slightly smaller font on the banner underneath “BACON FRIES”) that a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association. That’d throw those columnists into a tizzy. Yeah, the food’s unhealthy, but it’s for a good cause! And people are buying it out of their own free will, and there’s no deception here – for god’s sake, it’s called bacon fries. Any negative influence wielded by the papers would be neutralized, even though they’d resort to writing about the possibility of fire and death.

So. I might have the next great idea here. Next summer, I may be spending a week working a booth at the state fair selling bacon fries and assorted related products, all the while living mere moments from the risk of fire and death.

But first, I gotta buy about ten pounds of bacon and see if this tastes any good.

lno sounds like you got the beginnings of a great idea. Still needs some work though. See, the Iowa State Fair is, from all I’ve heard, the world’s largest food-on-a-stick fair. So, you need to figure out how to get bacon, fries and gravy on a stick. Now that’d be a big seller! Good luck.

Oooh, I’ll give you a hand with ideas for the “bacon side dishes”. My friends and I used to slice a hot dog length-wise, fill with a slice of mozzerella, wrap with bacon and deep fry.

How about bacon gellato?

On a fair-related note, there are many art, food and craft fairs around here. For a wedding gift in November we received a Kegerator and now I have all of these kegs piling up in my garage. I was thinking of turning them into lamps and end tables to sell at one of those fairs.

I could use a baconfry-type draw to bring in the rubes. Although homemade electical appliances and hot bacon grease could also result in fire and death.

Home made fries deep-fried in beef fat (aka lard) are the tastiest fries I’ve had. Cooking them in bacon fat sounds good, too. Healthy? Not really, but I don’t eat them every day, either.

Let us know how it comes out, okay? ::keeping my fingers crossed against the possibility of fire and death::

My SIL the corn freak slices big beefsteak tomatoes, dips them in corn batter, and fries them in bacon fat.

Hmmm…does it have to be deep fried, exactly? Because you could test out a batch in a frying pan. My mom used to add bacon grease to fried potatoes (actually she put it in everything. There’s a reason I used to be as wide as I was tall), and I remember there was a bacon flavor.

Which could work against you on bacon fried twinkies, I would think. Though I may not know whereof I speak, because I don’t like Twinkies anymore, and regular fried Twinkies are nastimous, but they sell tons of them.

If you do this, I promise to come to the state fair and try these out. See, you’ve already got your first customer! (Two, actually. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t be able to pass these up!)

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed chicken fried in bacon grease.

I think bacon grease may have too low of a smoke point to be used for deep frying.

How about this? Battered, fried bacon…on a stick!

My mother and grandmother have fried chicken in bacon grease for going on a hundred years now. It’s the best. But even better is the pancakes my grandmother used to make for the logging camps. No, they didn’t have bacon grease in them. But the loggers did top them with white sugar and bacon grease, instead of syrup. Why cook in it when you can eat it straight?

Proper pomme frites are cooked in duck or goose fat. Tres YUMMY!

Hey, is your real name “Dibbler” by any chance? :dubious: :smiley:

I’ve gained four pounds just reading this. :eek:
This should come with a surgeon generals heart disease warning.

My god, Mooch… do you want to go into business together?

They’ll be kosher, right?

As soon as I genetically engineer a pig to chew its cud. I’ll be right on that, sport.

First, use your bacon to make BLTs; you’ll have to keep a cooler or a fridge onsite to chill the veggies, and run a large toaster for the bread, but what could be better than a BLT with bacon fries on the side?

Second: we used to take dark-meat turkey, wrap it in raw bacon, dip it in egg, roll it in bread crumbs, and deep-fry it. Dipped into spicy turkey gravy, it was deep-fried heaven. I actually died of a heart attack seven times that summer, but the kitchen was so busy they just kicked me until I could get up and help again.

I bet you could use the bacon to make some sort of art – think Lincoln logs stacked into a pillar or even an arch – and get into the record books for “biggest bacon sculpture”. Maybe even do a sculpture of Francis Bacon!

The OP was very funny and made me very hungry. I think we’re having BLTs for dinner tonight.

featherlou, lard is hog or pig fat, not beef fat.

What’s really scary is, people would eat bacon-fried Twinkies by the truckload.

I’d eat the deep-fried bacon on a stick.

I didn’t have lunch. A BLT sounds really good right now.

Good news! According to this thread, bacon grease can last anywhere from 2-3 days to 100 years! So, you don’t have to make it all in one sitting.

Heck, I’m within 20 miles of you, I’ll start saving mine!

(Bacon is a favorite in our family. So much so that my 5 year old son cried at daycare because he wanted us to put bacon in his lunch. His teachers wrote us a note telling us about his request. Which is funny when you stop to consider that my son’s daycare is the Jewish Community Center)

I love you, man. [sub]sniffle[/sub]

One use for the bacon…garnish for the basket of fries. Or you could just send it to me…

Also, if we can work liquid beef into the equation it’ll be a hit. Bacon Fries smothered in a rich demi-glace?