I've got Google Spreadsheets! Who wants to be invited to share it?

I guess I’m a beta tester for Google Spreassheets. You can invite others to access your sheets, edit them, collaborate, and so on.

Who wants to play on the massive SDMB Spreadsheet of Doom?

Is this thing still on? I’m in, if it is. My email is in my profile, and I do have a GMail account. I’ve also asked Google for my own beta-testy-clicky-invity-thing.

I have it too! But I’m not really sure what to do with it. I signed up on a whim, and a few hours later they invited me. What are you doing with it so far?

I’d like to check it out. Email’s in my profile.

Google spreadsheets? Dayum. That might be something I could work into a project I have under development pretty smoothly. If ya got a spare invite, I’d like to take a peek. My e-mail is in my profile.

Got invites left? I’ll take one.

e-mail in profile


Me me me!

brookeln [AT] gmail [dot] com


Sounds interesting. My email should be in my profile.

Me, please!

rat (at) dragonwriter (dot) net


Oooh! Oooh! me! me! I’ll sign up for anything Google does :slight_smile: send it to opalcat @…need you ask? Gmail.com

Yes please!! I love google stuff. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I want, please! E-mail is in my profile.

Do you also have invites to the Word thing for Google, Writely, IIRC.

I have a bunch of Google Spreadsheets invitations - please email me at jameshcunningham at gmail dot com if you want one, as I don’t know who hasn’t received one since this thread went off the front page. Same thing with gmail invitations.

I’m looking for a writely invitation, personally. If anyone can provide, I’d be much grateful if you could send one to the address above.

Me, please!

My email is douglasjmorrison at gmail dot com


OpalCat and Iguana Boy, you both should have invites now. (I think.)

Nobody with a spare Writely invite? :wink:

May I have an invite please. nicnancy at gmail dot com

I signed up for this but never heard back. I could use one for the SDMB Poker League.

dfoliver at leftfieldsports dot com

Nic2004 and Gangster Octopus should both have invitations now. I think I have plenty more where that came from, so keep 'em coming.

Can you import vast amounts of data into it? What do you do then - is it just a storage medium or is the point you can collaborate? Anyway, email’s in’t profile and if you have a spare share I’m in.