I've got some goofy XP problems.

This has something to do with the display and the mouse, but I can’t figure out which or what.
My mouse scrolls to the edges of the monitor and stops except for the right side. It will scroll off the screen and keep going as if it thinks I have a wide screen or something. Although I can’t see the mouse scrolling, it seems as if it scrolls about twice the screen width off to the right side (because it takes a few full scrolls to get it back onto the desktop if I make it travel all the way to the right).
Now, the other problem I have is when I open Windows Media player I can’t view the Media player window. It seems to open up in the virtual right side of the monitor (that I can scroll the mouse over into, but can’t see).
I sense this because when I minimize the window (from the task bar) it minimizes from somewhere off to the right and when I maximise it (from the task bar) it goes shooting off into virtual monitor land again. I can’t seem to drag it back onto the desktop, or use the move command to get it back either.
WTF is going on?
Oh, and by the way the scanner won’t scan anymore.
I think all hell is breaking loose.
If I choose to engage the windows rollback utility, will I loose data that I’ve aqcuired since then?

You may have your desktop set up for dual monitors. That might explain why the cursor is going off the right side of the screen.

That would explain some stuff, how do I undo?

Christ, this is hysterical.
I just turned on the TV to channel 3 and saw the Windows media player. And the mouse cursor. Sheesh, now I have to undo this.

Go to the Control Panel and click on the Display tab. Click on the Settings tab and you will see if you have a dual monitor setup (you’ll see two “mini” monitors).

If you don’t see two monitors, I’m not sure what the problem would be.

I do see two monitors. I just don’t see any settings that ‘undo’ that. I just want to have the single monitor in that window not both.
It’s not that big a deal anymore since I was able to drag the media player back onto the primary desktop (the secondary was evidently the TV), but I would still like to know how to disable the secondary monitor. Can’t seem to.

I think the proper terminology would be ‘disabling the extended desktop’, any clues?

Unplug the cable that goes to the second monitor.

…from the video card.

Swell, thanks. I thought I could just disable it throught the software, but I guess that ain’t possible.
Thanks again!