I've Got Your Goat, A College Flashback MMP

In the spirit of Kaboom! A dynamite MMP, it’s another tale from dogbutler’s college days. On e Saturday, we were drinking. Bob(not his real name), thought the one thing lacking from our college experience was livestock(and not in a Hal Briston way) So he and Ed(not his real name), went for a little stoll. About an hour later, they showed up with a goat from the Vet school. We had a grand old time drinking and throwing popcorn at Mr. Goat. Mr. goat, to his credit was remarkably calm for a goat who had been kidnapped(vile pun), dragged 3 stories above Terra Firma, and subjected to 30 drunks. The fun police came by later, and apprehended Mr. Goat for trespassing, and failure to leave the premiership. :smiley:


Nice, short OP doggio! I would post about my college/university days, but there is an alcohol-induced haze wrapped around them that obscures my memory!

Off to work … sigh!

You guys weren’t very familiar with goats, I see.

Goats are pretty unshakable, as you found out. Migrant sheep flocks in Spain often include a few goats. This means the shepherd gets goat’s milk and cheese as well as sheep’s; also, the goats work as bellwhethers, headbutt sheep out of dangerous spots which the dog can’t reach and sort’a help shepherd the sheep.

Picture this: a sheep, thinking it was a cat, has managed to climb to a high spot and now can’t figure out how to get down. There isn’t enough space to turn around; the jump looks real high. The dog is barking his dumb head off down below. The goat gets there, nonchalantly climbs up behind the sheep and PUFT headbutts it off the jump, then proceeds to either climb or jump off. And yeah, if the sheep doesn’t move fast enough she may find herself being used as a soft landing spot by the goat and then kicked for not moving out of the way.

As for the shepherding, the goats don’t take orders from the shepherd. Well, some do take indications along the lines of “we’re going that way” and the stick being used as a pointer, but generally they have this attitude of “I go where I want to when I want to and because I want to.” But a smart shepherd and dog know how will each of their goats respond to things, and as a shepherd once told me “the goats aren’t as easy as the sheep, sheep you boss around, goats you gotta convince 'em. But once you got the goats moving right, the woollies just follow, and it’s easier to lead three goats than boss eighty sheep.”

Maybe I should write the next office self-help bestseller: “O That Stupid Goat!” (how to identify and use your bellwhethers).

Morning mumpers! Nice OP, Doggio, it’s good to know that you included the goat in the fun and games but maybe he was just disappointed not to get any beer.

Busy weekend over my way, lots of running about and doing stuff, including a visit to my doting parent yesterday where she decided to give me a hexmas present because she’d already got it and thought I might need it between now and 25th December. It’s some very nice jewellery from her favoruite jeweller in Scotland and I chose it so I know what I’m getting.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it seems somehow appropriate. When I was a small child, an only child, my father used to spoil me with lots of bizarre gifts. One of them was a goat. Being a young child who was somehow fascinated with The Sound of Music, I named her Maria. Maria had a good life roaming around our yard until she decided to headbutt my grandma. Then she had to go live on an actual farm.

Li-Li, I couldn’t have made cookies because I’m still in TVLand and there are no ingredients here. Not even enough chocolate chips to make it worth my while. :dubious:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’.

Nice OP doggio! Who doesn’t like a story involvin’ drunkenness and a goat. Or a drunken goat. Or a drunken OP about drinkin’ with goats. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still dark out. I wonder if that means it’s cloudy.

CutiePie no chocolate chips or cookie makin’ ingredients at all? Does TVMan live in a cave?

I need to get myself in gear pretty soon, I guess. I should brekkiefy and purtify so’s I can go get some stuff done. I’m takin’ a lawn mower to get repaired, helpin’ with the set up, servin’ and clean up afterwards of a lunch for some Habitat for Humanity volunteers at a build site for which I have somewhat vague directions to get to but I’m pretty sure I know where it is. I mean, if I happen upon a spot where three houses are bein’ built all in a row, that should be the place, right? Then I need to go to the sto’ for some stuff for men’s night tonight and go to the church and bake some sweet N.O.T., which reminds me, I need to let some butter soften to make brown sugar cinnamon butter. Baked sweet N.O.T. require brown sugar cinnamon buter.

Nava I think a better title might be Develop Your Goat Leaders. :smiley: It amuses me.

ETA: It is now daylight outside. I knew y’all were worried about that.

Things in the fridge as of the time that I left this morning:

Hot Sauce
Very old bottle of wine
Bowl of old chocolate icing that I keep forgetting to throw away
One stick of butter
Two tablespoons of chocolate chips
Assorted condiments

G’morning all! And a very informative OP, Doggio - now we all know what all you did in college! :wink: While none of my escapades involved goats, they were probably just as bad … :smiley:

Up, caffeinated, at work, getting ready for a dose of herbal tea now. Yes, I’m trying to cut back on the caffeine some. :frowning: Not something that I’m happy about, but at least I’m trying.

Tummy is rumbling - had a bit of fruit and cottage cheese at home for brekkie, but am ready for a bit more now.

Up, caffeinated, off to work.

Up (somewhat), stretched and now icing.

I have a friend with a goat farm, she is a world-wide goat educator. However, I knew no actual goats in college - only some folks that strongly resembled them, in not-so-wonderful ways.

I’m looking to change jobs this week - but I’m betting they won’t really let me switch. I’m in the Office Twilight Zone, I think. They just add new jobs, without hiring somebody to do my old job. It is frightening wehn Physical Therapy is the highlight of my day…

'Morning. Late. Bye.

Morning. Pie, I can’t imagine the horror of being without cookie ingredients.

Morning. Trying to get my head above water. Busy week, this one should be ok, next week will be insane.

Missed you all.

We’ve missed you too Soapy.

Ok, for real now, I shall go purtify and start doin’ stuff. Really. I promise. Watch me go. Now. Here I go.

Blurfy Monday morning. One of our pool drives is down and I can’t get to something I need to work on. Grr.

Today I shall go get some steel toed shoes (the company is buying,) because this weekend is mandatory all-hands-on-deck inventory on Friday and Saturday. Blech. It’s my frickin’ Friday off, too! And the next Monday is my birthday, for which I signed up for a day of vacation, but I have to come in to listen to the presentation on our new wonderful health care plan. So much for a four-day weekend. At least it will be overtime.

I’m watching… But your little green light is still on. :smiley:

I’ve baked some cookies here at home and I’m really wishing that I baked some extras. They wouldn’t miss just one, would they??

Well, lessee, what I remember of my college years didn’t involve any goats…that I remember…but I’m not sure…

Man, oh Man, is it waaaaaaaaaay too cold for October in Flawduh! Folks last week we were having record breaking 90s and yesterday we hit a record breaking high of 66! Take it back! Make it stop! :stuck_out_tongue:

The good thing was that yesterday was a faaaaaaaaaabulous day to make chili. Twas good.

Mucho work today.


Hrph. Mornin’. Still gettin’ over my cold, but it’s better this morning than it has been. I still can’t spend too long in the chill weather or it irritates my lungs and I end up trying to eject them for the next 10 minutes.

But I’m at work, caffeinated via coffee and, currently, Red Bull, and trying to forget that I just came off vacation and thus I’m going to have to wait several months before my next one. On a good note though I make my 5 years at the company next year, which means I get to tack on a third week of vacation every year. Woohoo!

Did I mention I got my first credit cards in August? I never had one, didn’t think I had good enough credit to get one, but a partner company to a rewards program I belong to rang me up to offer me not one but two Visa cards that i was “pre-approved” for (yeah, right, heard that before), one low interest (4.9% for the first 5 months, 14.9% thereafter) and one standard one (19.5%) that also gives me Scene points for free movies 'n stuff. I didn’t think I’d get 'em but I answered all the questions 'n stuff anyway just for a laugh. Surprisingly I got 'em. Yeah, they’re already mostly maxed. But I expected that, and I’m in a position to handle it, so I’m cool with it. I suck at saving money, but I look at the credit cards like this: It’s like saving money in reverse; I get the item I save for, and then I put away the money for it. I just happen to be putting it away on the cards. :slight_smile: Also, 'cos of the Scene points, I’ve got enough points for two free movie nights out for the wife and I, popcorn included.

Gotta pay down a grand or so over the next month and change though so I’ve got room enough for Christmas stuff.
Back to work…

I don’t know what it is lately with me and opthalmic migraines, but this fun has got to stop! :dubious:

Morning all !