I've lost my Nads!

“There is a problem with the message board you are trying to access.”

Huh. I knew things were going too smoothly in our new home. Personally, I blame Garius.

Yep, its all Garius’ fault.

No NADS! I get a database errror. I think it may be Invision rather than your internet connection.

aha - No NADS for me either. :frowning:

Some kind of [del]failure[/del] deferred success from Invision, I suppose.

Sob sob, what to do.

I have learned that my flat will be demolished, and now the powers of evil are demolishing my internet homes too? Doubleplusungood. :eek:

(On the bright side, I have now played with the new “del” toy.)

OK, I’ve just been talking to NADS admin about this, and it looks like Invision are having a bit of a nightmare. Their entire server 11, on which NADS is one of the boards hosted, has gone down. There’s only one person with access to that database, and he’s currently asleep, the lazy slacker!

Looks like we’ll have to amuse ourselves by other means for now. We’ve got the cricket on in the office.



Not belong in same paragraph, same post, same thread, same board, or same WORLD!!!
Um, does the above suggest that I need more cofee, or less?

Vote now. :slight_smile:

Hey, we’re hammering the Aussies – 97 for 5. :slight_smile:

And yes, you need more coffee. Everyone always needs coffee. There is no such thing as not enough coffee.

Bloody hell, I’m actually getting work done today, DAMN YOU INVISION!!!

In the mean time, I’d like to share a thought I had while listening to the radio this morning:

“Oh I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance, he wants to dance, he needs to dance…”

Darlin’, your baby’s GAY. G-A-Y - GAY!

Oooh, it’s back up.

Ah. Somebody must have given your NADS a good swift kick.