IVN, what the fuck is your problem?

I really don’t know what your fucking problem is when it comes to me. I don’t care if you don’t like me and I largely don’t care about what you think.

But you come off as a complete jackass when you start with the dismissive bullshit.

And where the fuck do you get off telling me that I break the rules around here?

I’m exceedingly careful to not run afoul of the rules. I have no warnings and as far as I can recall have never been admonished or been asked to tone it down. I know what the rules are and follow them. It doesn’t matter if YOU think I broke rules here. The ONLY metric that matters is whether I’ve been called on it by moderators.

Let me repeat that. It doesn’t matter what YOU think. You don’t make the rules, you don’t enforce them and you don’t hand out punishment. I realize that on some basic level that this bothers you, but that’s the way it is. If you want to be a moderator, start your own fucking board where you can be king. Otherwise leave the moderation to the moderators.

And just to reinforce a point, I’m following the rules by bringing this to the pit instead of reaming you on ATMB and I followed the rules by bringing Lissener’s shenanigans to the pit as well.

So STFU about the rules thing. You’re wrong. You’ll always be wrong.


You already broke an informal pit rule. Why you gotta break so many rules?

The post doesn’t really matter. I’m simply fed up with this guy.




Aww, shit. It is on now. I want to pit something to come out of this mess too. I pit the cat, shivering in the snow. And I pit that poster that says she squirts cats when they misbehave. I can’t believe the cat-dopers let that shit go.

But, reading the linked thread, I’m gonna go ahead and vote with Ivn on this one. He made a good point in that thread. Twickster did seem to jump the gun a bit with the thread move.

ETA: I do suspect Lissener had to know that the cat people would get really upset.

Tacoloco, I’m sorry that you get so upset when people bring up moderator actions that they disagree with in the hopes of clarifying policies and making sure that policies are reasonably and fairly enforced.

I don’t know if you are sleeping with one of the mods, or if you just have issues with people who question authority. Either way, in the thread you didn’t link to in your OP, I think most people will agree that it is you that comes off as a hostile jackass. Neither I nor anyone else discussing the issue, except you, have talked about sandy vaginas, or told you that we don’t give a shit what you believe because you’re wrong by fiat.

What’s more, you seem to follow me around for the sole reason of disagreeing with me, and you are taking way too much offense over a pretty straightforward ATMB post. That, combined with your curlcoat-like number of replies, gives me the impression that you have serious difficulties with mature discussion, and are unable to contain your rage in order to make thoughtful contributions to discussions that aren’t in the pit.

Furthermore, you have called me a sock or troll multiple times. I have yet to be warned or banned for trolling of being a sock, so perhaps you should take your own advice.

In summary, I think you need to take a step back and disengage your emotional overdrive; it’s clear you feel strongly about anyone who dares question the mods, but “winning” by simply posting more than anyone else, by skirting the rules about personal insults, and by being hostile and overinvested, I think you do your own points a disservice, as it is difficult to take you seriously when you persist in bringing pit style arguments to a serious thread.

This thread is boring. Change it to please me.

Haa! How can Torie be bored? This thread is hilarious already.

It can be fun. Let’s get liquored up and play strip poker.:smiley:

That thread isn’t all smiles and unicorns, IVN. It isn’t just people wanting clarification. The accusation that Twickster move the thread precisely to skirt the rules was bullshit.

Don’t be stupid. I’m the last person who thinks questioning authority is bad.

I have issues with people taking the mods to task seemingly all the time. The amount of rules lawyering that happens here far exceeds any I’ve ever seen on any other board. The mods here do a great job keeping the place in line. And yet, even a minor perceived transgression gets the mods shit. The Lissener thing is yet another in a long line of that kind of stuff. Justified or not, people give the mods shit far too much.

Oh and I’ve taken the mods to task on occasion, so you’re wrong again about me.

First, people do have sand in their privates when it comes to moderator actions. Mods give reasons and people will still complain. People will continue to assume that moderators have bad intentions and they’re here just to make people miserable.

As a former moderator of a message board, the “job” sucks. People don’t need to make it worse by seemingly constant criticism.

I’m bored, so I post a lot. Big fucking deal. It isn’t some sort of evil plan.

And you’re hopelessly paranoid if you think I’m following you.

This isn’t about me, it’s about you. Stop making up shit about me. I don’t break the rules here, despite the fact you asserted I did. This is in a large measure why we’re here now.

No, it isn’t clear at all. I think I explained it just fine above.

ivn1188 considers himself to be the Pit Police

Ditto GQ

Be gentle.

I’m going to fall on my sword now for this lame pitting.

Oh I know. It’s one of his “more” endearing qualities. :rolleyes:

Seems to me that IVN has some issues with having to be in charge.

I didn’t read the linked thread (it really doesn’t matter)… I just have to ask…

tacoloco, why do you give a shit if someone barks at a mod decision in ATMB? Why waste your time? If ivn1188 wants to question a mod decision, the mods can handle it… they don’t need posters coming to their rescue.

If your reason is because you were a mod at another board, so what? You aren’t at this board. If your desire is to be one here, apply.

Or stay out of ATMB and save your blood pressure. :slight_smile:

I didn’t go into that thread to bark at anyone. I thought it was BS that some folks were accusing Twickster of “pitting by proxy” as a intentional act.

I have no specific problem with people questioning the mods, despite what IVN thinks. I do, however, think people complain too much. It’s like a sport around here.

The guy’s a dead-brained chromosomal cul-de-sac and a waste of perfectly good oxygen that could have been put to better use fuelling a wastepaper basket fire in an old folks home, or perhaps transporting plague. He’s a snarky, snippy, easily slighted, overly sarcastic, petulant, childish, hypersensitive little bitch. That’s his problem.

I once let a ca…kitten, yes a cute kitten, cute defenseless kitten out in the cold of winter just to watch him build a snowman.

but then I felt bad about it.

Indeed, there are people that will complain for the sake of complaining. There are also people that always side with the mod decision no matter what, for reasons I can only imagine.

I didn’t read the thread, so apologies for using the term “barking”. But I’m guessing that twickster handled herself just fine in defending her actions, and whatever irked ivn1188 didn’t change twicksters mind.

anywho, I’ll bow out here. It’s your right to be pissed at ivn1188.