Ja Rule Can but JLo Can't?

My little sister is a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. She has every single, both Cd’s, every video on tape, etc…

We were in the car the other day listening to the remix of I’m Real. In the song, both Ja Rule and JLo say the word nigger. JLo (a latino) was bleeped out but JaRule (who is African American) wasn’t. Why is this?

It seems that on a major radio station like the one we were listening to, rules applied to innapropriate language would apply to everyone. Is this a special case?

I’m not trying to start a huge debate, just curious.

Also, my sister said that JLo is being sued for saying nigger on her album. Is there any truth to the rumor, or is it just that, a rumor?

Ps. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If I have, I appologize in advance.

Yeah, I saw a Nightline or something talking exactly about this same deal. A lot of people got upset, but an equally large number (many of them black) thought it was either overblown or just plain bad on everyone’s part. The double standard for the usage of “Nigga” was discussed and in the end, I don’t recall any real conclusions being made. I’m not sure about any legal repercussions on anyone’s part but I doubt anyone is going to lose or win big in any lawsuit.

On another note: Jennifer Lopez is hot.