Jack Daniels ice cream should be paired with... ?

So, we are working on a specialty ice cream for Xmas gifts, and can have one made in a Jack Daniels flavor. But, what goes with Jack Daniels? Jack Daniels and Rum Raisin? Jack Daniels and Butter Pecan? We’re kind of at a loss, and no foodies to be found!

If you were making a Jack Daniels ice cream, what other flavor would you pair it with?

Personally, I think it would go nicely with apples and caramel…

The butter pecan also sounds good, though.

I’d also think that a very dark chocolate would go well with the flavor of Jack, maybe with pecans or walnuts.

I think it would go well with vanilla. I like to pair one strong/unique flavor with one “calm” flavor.

I like all those ideas!

Coca Cola.

Candied pecans.


For the win!

A Jack Daniels float, mmm…

Jack Daniel’s pulled pork/beef/chicken and Jack Daniel’s candied nuts. With a shot on the side.

Wait a minute! Are you pairing ice cream flavors, or ice cream with some other goodies?

I initially assumed two ice creams, but if you mean to pair it with some other type of homemade treat, I think that JD ice cream would pair well with a Texas chocolate cake (cinnamon & cocoa,) or as the a la mode of an apple, apple/caramel, blackberry, or blueberry pie.

We’re pairing ice cream flavors. But consider your ala mode ideas stolen, stolen I say.

Egg Nog

‘Marlboro Red’ caramel.

Ah, man. This sucks. I like all of these options. Sigh. I guess I’ll keep a list for next year. :slight_smile:

Jack Daniels…anything else is a sacrilege…:dubious:

Pair your Jack Daniels ice cream with a bottle of Jack Daniels.


Caramel ice cream with candied pecans and graham cracker crust pieces. i.e. a pecan pie ice cream.

Or a white chocolate macadamia

Or if it’s one customized flavor swirled with one “standard” flavor, I’d go with french vanilla.