What New Ice Cream Flavor Will They Come Up With Next?

I’m asking this on behalf of MilliCal.

MilliCal writes:

In the grocery store today I saw a new flavor of ice cream, called Caramel Pretzel.

It made me think of this thread title.

Peanutbutter and chocolate? no, wait, they have that one.

Cake batter? No, that one exists, too, and it is delicious.

Ok, my guess is salty peanuts and butter toffee.

Since bacon flavor is already out there, I’d say anything goes…

jalapeño, perhaps?

What I want to know is when will JellyBelly branch out into ice creams?

Let’s see now: This place has flavors like Salty Caramel and Thai Chili. Gravel Road has smoked almonds in it. Extremely yummy. Think I’ll go get some ice cream.


Over here, you can find Green Tea and even Durian flavors.

How about “a combination of chocolate and cream stout with chunks of glazed chocolate donuts”.

Mmmmmmmm. Tastes something-something. :drools:

We just got back from playing miniature golf. They gave MilliCal a free Italian Ice, which turned out to be Cotton Candy flavor. Yuck. we went back and bought a lemon one.

Durian ice cream? Given its reputation, how does the ice cream smell?

The next logical step is actual gravel.

Not an original thought, but what about cat box?

Every possible ice cream flavor has already been thought of and either tested and/or brought to market with the exception of these two:


Funnel Web Spider Crunch.

Bertie bott’s every flavor ice cream, from concrete to dr. pepper to boogers.

Well, if you can find lobster ice cream, I’m pretty sure you can find any other flavor imaginable as well.

Since just about every conceivable flavor has been tried, the only thing left is more exotic combinations.

From this thread alone, I’m thinking jalopeno lobster.

I tasted a popcorn-flavored lollipop once. It was horendous. The taste of greasy butter on a sweet hard candy was enough to make me throw up. I hope they don’t come up with popcorn ice cream! I, personally, like anything chocolate that doesn’t have nuts. :slight_smile:

  • dons his Carnac the Magnificent turban *


I wonder if there’s a salt and vinegar flavor. They have potato chips that are salt and vinegar flavored.

Wasabi mint.

Pineapple orange ginger (which is delicious, by the way).

Cake Batter? MMMmm, sounds really good. Who makes that flavor, Ben and Jerry’s?

Well, there’s already raw horseflesh, so anything after that is just noise.

I love caramel pretzel, by the way. There’s a frozen custard place near here called Sheridan’s that makes a concrete (firm-type custardy treat) called “Caramel Pretzel Crunch” that ranks as my co-favorite, right next to caramel cheesecake. The good thing about the pretzels is, it keeps you from wolfing it down too fast, so you can enjoy it longer.

That’s what I wanted to reply!

Since you mentioned that one, I’d have to go with Anchovies and cheese. Delicious in a waffle cone dipped in cherry!