Jack Dean Tyler strikes again!

A new study, entitled “Sex, Love, and Health: Private Choices and Public Policies” and conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, covers many topics, such as teenaged sex (Catholics are just as likely to have premarital sex as others are), abortion (rich people are more likely to have abortions), STD’s (odds of getting an STD in the span of your lifetime: 1 in 6), and circumcision.

From http://chicagotribune.com/news/printedition/article/0,2669,SAV-0101250183,FF.html

Take that JDT!

[channeling JDT] Silly … that’s because men who have been circumcised have never known a normal sex life. Therefore they don’t notice increasing sexual dysfunction as they grow older, and are unlikely to complain about it.

That’s if they survive, of course. Most men who have undergone this horrific act of mutilation kill themselves from shame long before they have time to grow older. [/channeling JDT]


Damn, FP, that’s hysterical!

I question this study. You could choose any two random human characteristics and determine that there is a statistical correlation between them without their being a causal linkage.

Matt, you stop that talk right now. You want to put all those sociologists out of work?

B…b…but that’s REASONABLE. I’m not a seasoned Pit poster but isn’t reasonableness against the rules in here?

Though I agree, having had it pounded into me in stats class!




I can’t help but wonder what JDT would say about the above quoted post, particularly that last line! :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazingly, this simple observation escaped Murray and Herrnstein. :slight_smile:

Ahh, you see, they’re paid not to notice that. That is why they’re making major piasses as social scientists. sigh

Stop this JDT stuff right now! Don’t you know that if you say his name three times, he’ll come back?!?

Is it appropriate to provide a link to the Chicago Tribune?

A new study shows
JDT is full of shit
Yet, we provoke him

[small high pitched southern accent]

go into the light Fretful, Go into the light!!

I have excorsised the demons!!
[/small high pitched southern accent]

After all, he gave me a kick ass sig line:


Could this be that circumcised men have already reported dysfunction when they were younger?

Your welcome JDT

:::staring at circumcision scar, intoning in creepy voice:::

Jack Dean Tyyylllleeerrrr…

Jack Dean Tyyylllleeerrrr…

Jack Dean Tyyylllleeerrrr

Damn! Didn’t work.

Well, you know, I got called pussified . . . what, twice by jdt? I think I’ve filled my quote for the 12-month period.

I wonder how he and Brian Bunnyhurt would have gotten along . . . <eg>

JDT and Brian Bunnyhurt? Talk about your unholy alliances…

Yeah, they would suck the logic right of us…

As long as we’re not circumcised, of course.