Jack Donaghy and his position. I'm confused, help. (30 Rock spoilers)

Okay, at first GE owns NBC and Donaghy is President (?) of NBC. Don Geiss is the CEO of GM and that’s the position Jack wants.

Then eventually Geiss dies and behind Jack’s back, GE has Kabletown buy NBC or do they buy GE AND NBC? I think it’s just NBC, cause if it’s both then Jack can still be the CEO of GE, can’t he?

Also, Kabletown…Hank is at least the majority owner, right? Not just the CEO. And if he’s majority owner, well…Jack’s (very short-lived ) tenure as CEO isn’t exactly secure is it? I mean, Hank is 70. If he dies, I seriously doubt he left his shares to Jack. Depending on who gets them, either Hank’s hippie kids or Kaylee could oust Jack.

Hmm. I guess that would make Hank’s wife Jack’s boss. Technically, Hank was still Jack’s boss even when Jack was CEO, right? I dunno. Business stuff confuses me.

A little early in the day for a Maureen Dowd size candy bar, isn’t it?

30 Rock is a remake of The Mary Tyler Moore Show with everybody being goofy because show biz. Jack Donaghy is Lou Grant with delusions of grandeur. The second level of allegory is that Jack Donaghy is Lorne Michaels, the real boss of 30 Rock and long-time boss of Tina Fey. Nobody in their right mind is going to make Lorne Michaels President of GE. It is a possibility he might be President of all NBC someday, but if he was, he would not allow the producer of one failing comedy show open door access to his office.

He starts out as Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for GE.

Then Hank is the head of Kabletown and Jack is the head of NBC, which is a subsidiary of Kabletown.

For “Kabletown”, think Comcast, which bought NBC Universal in real life. The show was always tweaking its corporate owners.

Edited to add, the real-life inspiration for Hank Hooper (played by Ken Howard) was Ralph Roberts, founder of Comcast.

And early in the show, they all worked under Sheinhardt Wig, the parent company.