Jackie Leven died last week...

So I got to hear Doll by Doll played on the radio for the first (and last?) time.
Any other fans here? I know it’s not likely but I thought I’d ask. I know Jackie put out a hell of a lot of solo albums – I have a two or three – but it’s the first couple of Doll by Doll records that I go back to.
So, anyone?

Small clanger - Be my friend , the signals we could send. Never saw DBD but saw Jackie a few times. I loved DBD when they were the press darlings for a week in 1979. read a review of them and thought they sounded interesting. I didn’t take ‘Remember’ off my turntable for a few months. Don’t think i have heard a band since that had such interesting , story telling lyrics. Jackie is superb live and such a raconteur. I shall miss him. Which solo albums ya got ?

Incredibly I did get to see them when they did a ‘reunion’ gig while I was on holiday on the south coast. Just saw an advert in the local paper! For me it was like the fracking Beatles had reformed, this would’ve been in the 80s. Seems they started out down there (Devon I think) despite being Scottish.

Saw a few CBI gigs but never got round to seeing Jackie solo.

For anyone wondering what the fuss is about here’s the The Palace of Love, looks like there are more fans out there.