Jackson acquitted

I’m no expert on this case (I’ve been trying to ignore it, mostly), but let me be the first to ask: WTF?

1st, 120th - Whatever.

You admit you are ignorant of the case and it’s particulars, yet you curse the decision of 12 people who’ve spent the last godknows how long completely immersed in it. Do you see the problem there?

Our national nightmare is over, and we can turn out attention to runaway white women, at long last.

Are we reading the same OP? I see a guest who may have posted in the wrong forum. Is the cursing implied because it is in the Pit?

Well, score one for the deeply weird but probably mostly harmless maybe, I guess.

Er, let me qualify that last statment… :smiley:

Maybe the cursing is implied by the F in the WTF of the OP.

Since this thread is coming along nicely, by which I mean people are getting upset, I’m going to close this one.