Jalapeno jelly (?)

I was given a jar of homemade jalapeno jelly for Christmas. While I’m not afraid to try it, I’m not sure what to do with it. It does not seem like something I’d put on my cinnimon raisin toast at breakfast.

Anyone have a recipe or three that uses the stuff?

You can make party snacks of crackers topped with cream cheese and a bit of pepper jelly.

Mix it with cream cheese for an awesome party dip.
ETA: We wolfs think alike.

It’s great with butter on toasted english muffins. Sweet AND hot!

On ice cream is good too.

The Cajun side of my family does this.

They put a block of cream cheese on a plate, then smother it with, mint, or pepper jelly. Serve with crackers.

What they all said. Plus you can use it in a glaze for ham if you like things a bit spicy.

It is good on a toasted bagel with or without cream cheese as well. Toast is good too. Basically think crispy or toasted bread products and mild cheese. I love that stuff.

I usually do the cream cheese and crackers thing, but I’ve also used it to glaze meats. Not just ham, but also pork roasts, chicken, and fish.

PB&Js for the kids on April 1st.

Darn tootin it is.

Also I use it to make peanut butter and jelly. Spicy PB is great.

This is one of our household’s late-night go-to snacks. It’s freakin’ awesome for vegging out in front of tv with.

crackers, ritz brand or style or regular saltines
cream cheese (optional)
pepper jelly,
1 guestchaz

you will need 1 standard table or butter knife,
place all ingredients and knife in the guestchaz’ hands
allow time for guestchaz to spread cream cheese (optional) and pepper jelly on cracker
allow time for guestchaz to test snack for taste, texture and spiciness and adjust as needed for preference
repeat as needed until satiation is reached
:smiley: :smiley:

Actually, pepper jelly goes just fine on cinnamon bread all by itself imho. Never tried on toasted cinnamon bread though.

I’ve put it on chicken before grilling it.

For those intrigued by the pepper jelly on cream cheese thing, but can’t find pepper jelly, Pickapeppa should be available in most grocery stores, and works extremely well. Put the cream cheese in plastic wrap and work it with your hands to soften it up beforehand, too.

In addition to all that, another thing to do is put it on top of cheese cake. If it happens to be a lemon cheese cake, all the better.

My wife makes pepper jelly all the time. Its delicious. Put in on a cracker with a little butter.

Our just on crackers…yummo!

Homemade pita chips? Even better!

I haven’t had it in ages. (Of course now I will HAVE to locate some!)

I like it on biscuits, with a little butter

Just a slight variation is to use a really strong hard cheese, such as a very mature English Cheddar or Parmesan shavings; something with a bit of “crunch”. The texture contrast works really well in addition to the flavour.

Stir a tablespoon into tomato soup to enliven it on a winter’s day, or into a stew for depth.

Use it as a glaze on a piece of grilled salmon; it caramelizes very nicely.

Edit: actually, I’m thinking of red chilli jam with the above ideas, not jalapeño jelly, sorry!

You can use it like you would a mostarda with cured meets and cheeses as part of a charcuterie board. You can also mix it with cream cheese for a dip.

I just use pepper jelly the same way I’d use any other jelly. It’s really good on crusty bread, sourdough and English muffins. I really like pepper jelly and peanut butter sandwiches.