So, I finally broke down and tried the jalapeno jelly...

and it was good.

Mom brought it home three weeks ago.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the idea of spicy/hot/sweet in combination, I am, in fact, a big fan of red chilis in chocolate, but I thought the idea of jalapeno jelly was just too weird.

Also, it was green. Green is not a good jelly color.

The list of ingredients also included green bell peppers, which is not on my list of favorite vegetables (bell peppers should be yellow or red, not green) and onion juice, which clearly does not belong in jelly.

But still, I was intrigued.

Last night, being in a somewhat adventuresome mood, I toasted a slice of toast, buttered it, and spread a little bit of the jalapeno jelly on it.

It was actually quite tasty. Had a kick to it, but not as hot as I expected.

I had two slices of buttered toast with the jalapeno jelly for breakfast this morning. Went great with green tea.

So, now I’m hooked.

I still think red chilis would make a better jelly ingredient, though. With red bell peppers.

This is going to sound really strange, but try it on top of Fudge Ripple ice cream. :eek:
Yeah, I thought so too, until a chef friend of mine served it at dinner one night.


I have alsways had hot pepper jelly spooned on softened cream cheese then spread on crackers. Really Tasty. Not sure about mixed with fudge ripple ice cream though…

Hot pepper jelly on top of a cracker smeared with cream cheese is food of the gods.

It’s also great as a quicky marinade. Melt some in a small saucepan or in the mircowave, daub over broiling or grilling chicken–or firm-fleshed fish…delightful. (It’s even better spiked with some minced garlic, but hey, wing it.) Serve with plain rice to cut the richness.

Or if you want total “fusion” (aka heretical) bliss: cheese blintzes with daubs of hot pepper jelly. You haven’t tasted wonderfulness until you’ve managed to make buckwheat crepes–a little tricky but worth it–stuffed with cottage cheese stirred with a bit of sour cream, then drizzled with hot pepper jelly.

Where would they sell the jalapeno jelly? I assume it isn’t at the local Safeway.

Well, actually, it just might be at the local Safeway. Mom can’t exactly remember, we have a Smith’s, a Von’s and an Albertsons right near us, and she does most of the grocery shopping. I’m thinking Smith’s would be the most likely candidate. It was at a major chain-type supermarket, that much I’m sure of.

In Bombay, you can get green chilly (green peppers?) ice cream at a particular parlour.

It burns its way down the throat a little bit, but overall not too bad!!

We have it at my Safeway back home.

It’s really good on lamb, trust me.

I used the red version of this in an appetizer for a party this past New Year’s. They were little cornmeal tarts filled with a blend of cream cheese and (IIRC) feta cheese and herbs, topped with pomegranate “pips” mixed into this jelly. That was a great blend of flavors, mmm.

I make mine with the yellow and red bell peppers. It has a beautiful color and is absolutely terrific with steak and chicken.

Let me know, I will send you some.

Would you be kind enough to post a recipe? I have all these peppers in the backyard, and even with my penchant for peppers, I’m gonna have more left over than I know what to do with.

Here ya go…
I make this in big batches, so I am going to have to guesstimate on the peppers. The other measurements are exact.

Use yellow and red bell peppers, a couple of jalepano or banana peppers and occasionally a few habeneros - remove stems and seeds and liquify in food processor. You will need 1-1/2 cups liquified peppers.

In a stainless steel pot, add

1-1/2 cups peppers (liquified)
1-1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
6 cups of sugar
Bring to a rolling boil and continue to boil for 1 minute.

Add 2 packages powdered pectin and boil for additional minute.

Skim foam and ladle into sterile jars - place jars in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.
*When you are removing the seeds, make sure you remove the capsaisan too. This is the little yellow vein that runs through the peppers and give them their heat. Leave in a small amount for a bite, but remove most of it. In the last batch I made, I used 1 habenero pepper. Just one, and it was a small one at that. But it would still set your mouth on fire.

Oh man, it’s also really good on English muffins.

I had garlic jelly once that was good too.

Thanks so much Lyllyan! I’ve had jalapeno-apricot jelly before, but never plain jalapeno. Can’t wait to try it.

I’m a huge fan of unexpected contrasts in flavors. I do a hot pepper whipped cream that I use on roasted vegetables and things that’s a big hit. I also do a rhubarb curry chicken dish. I love slamming the “wrong” ingredients together.

AFAIK, the capsaicin is the chemical that makes peppers hot; not the vein thing.

Again, try the jalapeno jelly on Fudge Ripple ice cream. Not a lot…but a tablespoonful over the top. The contrasting flavors work surprizingly well together.

I made “the best carrots ever” last weekend, at least my brother and friends thought so. It was the most recent Canadian Living, it was just plain ol’ cooked carrots ( steamed in chicken stock w/ garlic ) and then add a couple tsps of jelly melted in just before serving. Very good and the tastiest glazed carrots I’ve ever made. I usually find they’re sickenly sweet but this was a perfect combination of spicy and sweet.

Well, I said it in my head but apparently it never made it to the post. From what I understand, the chemical is most concentrated in that little vein thing.
But, I have been known to be wrong. :slight_smile:

Don’t have fudge ripple, but I do have chocolate, so I tried it over that. Yummy. Mom tried it too, and she thought it was pretty good.

I’m having my second bowl right now.