James Bond cigarettes (help making)

Ok, I need two kinds of help from Dopers.

This may be better in Cafe Society, but I don’t think so.
I am heading to a James Bond Themed party tomorrow, and I have decided to go as Bond from the books - hopefully including a mocked-up packet of his personal brand of cigarettes, as described in Moonraker.

“Bond specifically smokes a blend of Balkan and Turkish tobacco with a higher than average tar content from Morlands of Grosvenor Street called “Morland Specials.” The cigarette itself has three gold bands on the filter signifying Bond’s (and Fleming’s) commander rank in the secret service. Additionally Bond carries his cigarettes in a trademarked monogrammed gunmetal cigarette case.”

I was wondering if anyone had any idea how that brand would have looked? (I was born long after those kind of specialist cigarettes ceased to be popular). Without the metal cigarette case.
And does anyone have any clever ideas as to how a mock-up would be made?
Any other ‘Bond from the books’ ideas would be welcome of course.:slight_smile:

First off, don’t even think about one of those doobie-looking roll your own things with pinched off ends. Commander Bond had his specially blended cigarettes custom made.

Your probably looking for a brand like Parliament, with a filter wrapped in white paper. I think the American version also has a white filter.

As a bonus, it already has one gold ring, so you can just add two more.

But you really need the gunmetal gray cigarette case to pull it off.

These weren’t the cigarettes that fired bullets?

(Get Smart?)

My Uncle used to pull a trick where he would insert a toothpick or very slim piece of wood into the end of the cigarette. All the way down it. A thin piece of wire may also work.

The effect is you never have to knock the ash off. Drives people quite crazy when they see it. Might be good for a 007 cig.

(try this first, I have never done it myself)

In one of the movies, Bond had those.

It was Bond.

Question; considering for every action there is a reaction, would the recoil from the bullet put the butt down your throat at Mach 2?

IIRC, Bond’s briefcase in From Russia With Love (book and film) has Gold Sovereigns in a strip along the spine. I’m sure something could be mocked up involving a strip of Chocolate Coins, possibly?

Where would you get Chanukah Gelt this time of year?

What? :confused:

Chocolate coins are available from pretty much any lolly shop I’ve ever been to.

Would Bond wear a geeky tie covered with equations, or do I have to accept that my favourite tie is just not appropriate tonight?

No. But Q might.

Bond would wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie. Cummerbond is optional.

You legend.
Wore it tonight, went as Q, everyone thought it was brilliant.