We just got back from a week at Disneyland with MilliCal, and, boy, are our feet tired.
I’ve always admired the ability of the folks at Disney to create a complete atmosphere of the place, immersing you in their fantasy. For instance, you get on the Monorail and you get a series of recorded announcements that suggests that the damned thing is part of a Real World. It’s enough to make you forgive the high prices and blatant commercialism

But on this trip (we were last there over a decade ago), I note even more commercialism than before – they associate each EPCOT “country” with a movie, it seems – France has Hunchback and Beauty and the Beast, China has Mulan, England has Winnie-the-Pooh and Mary Poppins, Morocco has Aladdin. That’s new. I think they’re going around the Lake of Nations every time they choose a new movie theme. If nothing else, it helps keep the franchise alive.

How many other franchises could benefit from the constyant advertising of a THeme Park? Universal is doing it already. So how about JamesBondLand? You could have Blofeld’s Secret Hideout at the center, like Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Around the outside you’d have countries, like at EPCOT, each with its own gambling joint, five-star restaurant, and Bar. And there’d be shops like Q’s, with the latest in watches and attache cases. And Pussies Galore, selling all sorts of things feline, including stuffed white longhair cats you can pet.
How about it? Any other ideas?