JamesCarroll Gives Doorknobs a Bad Name

You have the ability to make sirens mute and to make the blue sky turn purple with your complete and total reverie of ignorance. Well known facts and common morality do not sway under your vigalince. You, sir, are a premium example of the person I want to become some day.

Starting from benign to my personal favorites:
Pot, Coke, E, PCP, and other drugs have no other purpose than to relieve you of you ability to think clearly. The proof is that the only way that yo gauge the quality of those drugs is how “messed up” they make you.
From here:

He posts in response to a question which makes it seem like he directly accepted the title of troll and when he was confronted, he responded with attacks at life style choices and intelligence levels.
From here.

The thing that really wanted me to start this pit, however, was this thread. And now, a list:
[li]When will some you realize that we are dealing with people who, were you to meet them on the street, would CUT YOUR HEAD OFF!!! Just for being you. Just because you exist is reason enough for them to kill you. You could be the nicest person in the world. You could have been just doing your job. They don’t care. They will CUT YOUR THROAT!!! Or blow up a train. Or fly planes into buildings. Oh my!! Some Iraqi’s were made to get naked. They were made to stay awake or squat. Oh my!! The horrors. We must be the evil ones. Well, bite my shiny metal ass.[/li][li]Sorry but racism isn’t a concern of mine. [/li][li]But it seems to me if people were being murdered and 12 year olds were being raped then someone, oh I dunno like CNN or Congress, would have at least made mention.[/li][li]**After someone says a common fact and he requests a cite he also adds: **Besides the “poet-genius-artist” at your suburban Starbucks, of course. Not all “poet-genius-artists”(?!) are wrong. Still, what does that have to do with the issue at hand?![/li][li]“No, lots of partisan hollering who believe that buck stops in the oval office only when its the other guy in there. Where were all you “perjury” and “rule of law” guys when Clinton didn’t know what the word “is” meant? At least be honest about what you believe.” When was there ever talk of Clinton?! Any proof at all?![/li][li]Yea, but those [American savages] are all Yankee fans. WHAT?![/li][li]But to you its all big oil and Texas and Haliburton and JFK/Mafia/KGB conspiracies. [/li][/ul]

I just really think it needed restated. James, you are a moron. You have been pitted before but that has not changed much. I have never pitted anyone before, and I hope this is the last, but please use logic in your posts in the future.

As for everyone else, if I have overstepped boundries I am sorry, but I hope that I have made some sense.

After all, that the way I fight ignorance.

You’re surprised? Haven’t you seen his movie?

This was my favorite. The guy demanded a cite for the story that’s the headline of every single newspaper in the world.

Yeah, I was very impressed (not favorably) with his demand for cites on current events.

Not a lot of news seems to get underneath that rock.

After reading his posts, I get to wondering if there’s any way to wipe rabid spittle off the inside of one’s monitor?

Ehh…he’s just another in the likes of Brutus and Sam Stone. Take him with a grain of salt.

Ehh…he’s just another in the likes of elucidator and Diogenes. Take him with a grain of salt.

Perhaps, but I haven’t seen elucidator or Diogenes demand a cite for the biggest story in the country. A story that’s been in the headlines for over a week. Say what you will about them as posters, they’re not completely fucking stupid like our boy JamesCarroll.

And neither are Brutus or Sam Stone, but I guess if the SDMB hive-mind says they are…

Slight hijack…

Is your mistake in Kerry’s name in your sig on purpose or do you just not know any better?

I personally haven’t read every thread on the issue on the SDMB so I hadn’t seen Brutus or Sam Stone posts or if they posted at all. I have seen Diogenes and Elucidator post, and felt confident in about my assertion re: them.

For those of us who don’t see sigs, could you fill us in?

"I Actually Did Vote For The $87 Billion Before I Voted Against It.” John Francois Kerry

Is this better, dear?

Last time I checked this thread, it read as Reeder quoted it. Now milroyj has changed the “Francois” to “Fonda”.

“Francois”… “Fonda”… get it? Bwa-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, the subtle and erudite humor of the conservative lions… :rolleyes:

You think you have found humor.

I bet it’s not the first time you’ve been wrong in your life.

Actually, there’s very little humor to be found with Lurch-Kerry.

I bet you think Bushco’s policies are a barrel of laughs.
Tell that to the families of the 700+ soldiers who have died in Iraq.

As opposed to the 1000+ that are in mass graves courtesy of Saddamco?