Jamie Lee Curtis, please SHUT UP!

Good lord, but I hate her goddam ubiquitous phone commercials and print ads!

I never disliked her before this, but you can’t turn on the teevee or look at a newspaper or magazine without her grinning out at you about those goddam things—I don’t even know if she’s selling cell phones or a phone service, and I don’t much care. The ads are all badly written and witless, and as far as I’m concerned, Janet and “Bernie’s” kid has used up all the goodwill she ever engendered from her performances onscreen.

Does she need the money THAT badly? Why doesn’t she just check into her Mom’s old room at the Bates Motel and leave us ALONE?

It’s amazing that I have never seen the commercials you’re referring to, given the amount of television that I watch. I eagerly await them.

Oh god, They’re awful. I can honestly say that I hate them as well. I often wonder if they are trying to reach society’s elite, or if the fancy, ridiculous settings are just an accident.

Or worse, everyone else participates in those activities except me. Hummmm. Maybe if I get a cell phone people will like me more and invite me to boring parties where I can use my cell phone to sneak out (or fix an elevator or fix my car. . .all in expensive gowns and such.)

All I can think is that the childrens’ book writing isn’t going that well. :wink:

I am convinced that cell phones do indeed cause brain damage—that is the only reason for alllll those godawful phone-related ads, featuring Candice Bergen (remember those?), Dennis Miller (“Hey, Georgie!”), Courtney Cox’s hubby, that big balding guy who I don’t know WHO the hell he is . . . I have NEVER seen a phone-related commercial that hasn’t made me want to put out my eyes with pointed sticks.

Jamie Lee is just the worst of the new lot. I must hand it to Jon Stewart, he was really on the ball the night he interviewed her on “The Daily Show” a month or so ago. She was supposed to be plugging her new kid’s book, “Where Do Balloons Go?” She actually hauled out one of her damn phones and started to sell it when Jon reminded her why she was there. She put the phone down and gushed, “Where DO balloons go, Jon?” Jon Stewart, without missing a beat, said, “Ummm . . . Up drug smugglers’ butts?”

Jamie Lee was, for once, speechless.

Really! Evidently the cell phones have a memory lapsing effect as well as a tact reducer.

Heh. Well her cell phone buddies couldn’t get her out of that jam.

I never seen one of her commercials but I cannot imagine any instance where they could possibly be worse than William Shatner and his Priceline.com ads. How embarassing!

Needs2know…Beam me up Scottie there’s no intelligent life down here!

I was at Epcot this weekend and the Exxon “Energy” ride (the dinosaur ride) had been redone since I was there last. Instead of a big Exxon oil commercial, it is now “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” with Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye, and dinosaurs. Ellen has a dream that she is on Jeopardy playing against Einstein and her old college roommate–played by Jamie Lee. It was strange. You’re right. She’s everywhere.


That is classic! Holy crap that was funny. I wish I had seen that episode.

Oh, and, uh, Jamie Lee Curtis sucks! Except for her tits. Boobies!

“Halloween” was great (1978). Everything else she she has done since is the proverbial “bad car accident”. Can’t look, can’t look away. One of my favorite “love to hate” celebs. I can’t wait to see the commercial. I hope it gags me as much as the sitcom stars chiding us to talk to our kids, because they’ll listen. Thank you, NOT, David Hyde Pierce, et al.

Hell-o. <shudder> The woman who sits next to me at work has started answering her phone just like Jamie.

Attention, AT & T, Sprint, Verizon, et al:

I’ve already got a cell phone. It works fine. I don’t want to switch to another carrier. I don’t need another one. Please stop bothering me.

TELL me you weren’t charmed to death by ** " A Fish Called Wanda" **. <sigh> She really does it for me. I don’t care what she’s packing between her legs, I want some of it! :rolleyes: .


Wash that mouth out, Mr Cartoon ! Last time I saw anything of her (on tv) she was sitting in the gallery at the House of Lords watching hubby do his thing in ermine.

Not going to look up her exact Title…I’d guess ‘Lady of the Twin Peaks’………but I think most were relieved she didn’t bring daddy along to the ceremony.

You know how self-important, coiffured cross-dressers just hate sharing the limelight with movie people……

I’d like to start off with the disclaimer that I generally like Jamie Lee Curtis. With that said, those VoiceStream ads are fucking awful pieces of shit. They are just as, if not more, irritating and ubiquitous than the Pepsi moppet. This is because they are constantly overplayed and also mind-numbingly stupid. I will give two examples for those of you lucky enough to have never seen them (you are among the blessed):

Jamie Lee Curtis is bored at a party. Rather than excuse herself and go to the bathroom and sneak out thataway, or at the very least hunt down some Valium in her host’s medicine cabinet, she inexplicably calls someone on her cell phone, crawls under the table, and eventually escapes. Gee, without VoiceStream she’d still be at that party!

In the other one I can think of, Jamie is in a broken elevator. Using her magical cell phone, she calls some random stranger who instructs her in how to ride the elevator cable, which somehow is not broken, up to the party. The doors at the top of the shaft are magically also open, no one else has magically not fallen into them, and (most magically of all) despite having no free hands nor pockets, her cell phone disappears while riding the cable up and reappears when she gets to the top. Why? Who gives a shit?

Is the big balding guy Terry Bradshaw? He so funny.

Hey - Let’s talk about Jamie Lee Curtis’ Chromosomes. I hear she’s got extras…

Forget Jamie Lee’s chromosomes, let’s talk about Tony Curtis’ accent. Now that his daughter is Lady Haden-Guest, do you think he’s ever said “Yawnder lies da castle of my dawter.”


Goose—I have no idea who Terry Bradshaw is, or who the big balding guy on those commercials is . . . But the guy on the commercials is about as funny and endearing as a large mule that has just kicked you in the head.

Davis—Ooooh, I HATE that party commercial, especially the old guy who talks about “m . . . ud.” The word is “MUD,” you annoying old fart!

I actually used to like Dennis Miller before he sold his soul to Canyonaro—I mean, the phone companies . . .


Gosh, I’ve seen the commercials many times, I never realized that she was hawking phones…

Da woid on da street is dat JLC is T-fem (testicular feminism); this is why she adopted kids. (BTW, WODS is that Brigitte Nielson is, too.)

To me, it don’t matter. I’m agreeing w/ 'Toonie; I don’t care what she’s packin’.