Jan michael vincent

When jan michael vincetn was on the hit t.v. series airwolf at the tiem he was the highest paid star what caused him to self destruct on drugs…booze??

That’s the story I heard.

But I’m ready to Michael down my vincents.

He’d apparently had problems with cocaine even back in the mid-70s. Lots of money + 1980s + already existing drug problem = big problems.

Hard to believe he’s still alive; he’s 74 years old.

Among other things, he had a leg amputated a few years ago, and he has only done bit parts or underground movies in recent decades.

When I hear Jan Michael Vincent, I think of this Rick and Morty clip.

It was mostly alcohol that did him in.

Quick summary: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QRu6N12ogZY

Sad story.