Jane Fonda

After reading many a letter, report, message or comment posted by Vietnam Vets concerning ‘Hanoi Jane’ and her appalling actions during the early years of the war I figure she was probably directly responsible for the deaths of at least several American Prisoners of war and the brutal assaults of several others. I also, if what I have read is correct, would say that she has committed treason against those soldiers who were laying their lives on the line daily out there.

No matter what the political atmosphere was, our guys were going out there and getting shot at and not too many of them had a choice in the matter. There was a little thing called the draft going on back then. The usual rule of thumb is that in any military encounter when someone from the opposite side is attempting to put big holes in you, then you attempt to do the same to them.

My question is, why was Jane Fonda never brought up on any charges at all, even though it is documented that her fraternization with the enemy did apparently directly cause the subsequent malicious beating and death of several American Prisoners of War. Could that not be construed as homicide, manslaughter, murder after the fact, manslaughter as a direct result of actions performed or some such? After all, here, if you shoot a guy attempting to shoot you, he could possibly bring you up on charges.

Why have the angry cries of thousands of veterans gone unheard by our legal bodies? They cannot be afraid of Ted Turner – who obviously never fought in Vietnam. Years ago, in the movie business, they black listed anyone who they thought was a communist. So, why has Hollywood not done anything to her?

The way I view the matter, she is a war criminal of American birth, who is living in luxury without having to pay for her crimes.


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