Jane the Virgin - Season Two

I may be the only one watching - but I shouldn’t be. Because while the premise is ridiculous, the show is smart. It’s also funny, self aware, and well plotted. The characters are fully realized and the acting is top notch. (Gina Rodriguez is excellent. Jaime Camil was one of the funniest people on TV last year).

The new season starts tonight. Is anyone else watching?

I’ll catch next week’s episode…Kesha is a guest star.

No, I haven’t. Can you give me something to sell me on it?

a bit of a zombie…

jane the virgin is in its final season this year. word is it will air in January.

I just watched the entire run so far on Netflix. this is a really funny show based on the tv story Juana la virgin from Venezuela. it has much of the drama, secret twins, dodgy characters, and wild returns from the dead, for which telenovelas and soap operas are known . the grandmother speaks in Spanish so you get to learn new Spanish words!

it is a telenovela in a telenovela. I love the narrator character, and jane’s father. Rogelio is just so over the top, yet wonderfully sweet.

give it a go, big t.

Jane the [del]Virgin[/del] Zombie?

38 year old male here, who thinks this is one of the best shows on television.

Under the craziness, it’s ultimately a show about real, human beings dealing with real, universal issues with compassion and love for each other. Smartly written, well acted, and a lot of fun.

Still watching, still love the show, and looking forward to the final season.

It’s a funny, sweet, occasionally bonkers show. It manages to steep itself in the craziness of telenovelas & reality at the same time (there are evil twins; there’s also immigration).