JanL-the One Trick Pony to End all One Trick Ponies!

Jesus, Barking Spider, what kind of prick are you? Revenge is dish best eaten cold and complete fuckheads like you are best punched in the fucking face. That’s not revenge you went for, that’s a petty and excessively mean-spirited insult, and you’re out of fucking line, Pit or no Pit.

Christ, what a sorry excuse for a human being you are.

Agreed. Fuck you, Barking Spider. Fuck you.

Clusterfuck you.

Skullfuck you.

UN-fuck you!

Guinastasia, if you dont put people down just to make yourself feel better, why did you start this pit thread?
BTW, I, the Barking Spider, have never started a pit thread. And the only reason I responded to this one is because Guinastastia attacked JanL for work he has done.

Really, I thought living well was the best revenge? And last I checked, being a racist, reviled wad of syphilitic rectal tissue didn’t pass for living well.

Al Sharpton and Michael Moore both have books and websites…

Hey Minty Green, please point to one “racist” post I have made where I said that one race was superior to another. Mmmm?

Point it out!

Hey bitch-whore! There’s a pretty fucking big difference between making an insult and digging out every possible bit of information about a person when you don’t like something they said. Even in the pit, rules of basic human decency apply. Guinistasia has time and time again proven herself to be a smart, funny, and all around good person, and you think it’s appropriate to so smugly and ammorally belittle her like that? Well, that’s bullshit, and you’re fucking full of it.

No, you’re like Pig Pen. You carry that pit stench around with you everywhere you go.

Revenge BS, revenge?

You would think in those terms, wouldn’t you?

Well, as Minty already pointed out, self-publishing shitty little books on hollow earth delusions and racist rants only a step away from the Turner Diaries – I imagine you are aware of this work, aren’t you? – is hardly an accomplishment.

Well, I suppose that badly educated little bigot who hasn’t a clue about finances, nor history nor sciences would feel otherwise. Were I of the unkind sort I might go further and mention gems of stupidity you’ve posted, questions of obvious ignorance or perhaps belittle your past such as it is, but I do respect other posters with similar pasts who are not drooling bigots.

As for your racist posts, well your cowardice in regards to what emerges from the fetid swamp of your belief system has tried to disguise that. But a reader with an ordinary, nay even a sub-ordinary grasp of the English language can follow your line of argument in say, Racism Is Bunk thread.

Having a longer memory, I would say that the so motivated will be able to root around in the board to find further examples without too much trouble.

But rather than hijack this, I suggest a new forum:
Barking Spider, A Smirking But Moronic Little Drooling Bigot

(An aside: I second el Kabong’s post on Zim. I have had similar impressions in re the vast majority of white Zims I have met. Including a ‘liberally’ minded woman who referred to her elderly black servant as her girl. To her face. It stank of 1950s Georgia at its worst, and this was sadly typical.)

Okeley dokeley, you bigoted piece of shit. And for the record, nearly every one of the following quotes is Barking Spider’s entire post, so I’m not ripping a goddamned thing out of context. He also rarely bothers to follow up on his shit when his rectum explodes onto his keyboard, so don’t think I’m being deceptive there either.



(I humbly submit that if you can’t see the palpable, explicit racism on janl’s site, you are a complete fucking racist. Or completely fucking moronic. Take your pick.)



A racist comparison if ever there was one, IMHO.
Your OP, “What race were the ancient Egyptians?”



From “Africa Sucks!”:

Yet you’re quick to defend white sensitivities:

On loud Latino music:


Minty could I trouble you to add this to the BS specific thread?

and might I add
in http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=108393

Stankow cogently gets to the root of our cowardly bigot’s dissembling.

On its way, Col. This thread may now return to its original roast of the other bigot.

Minty, what part of my posts are racists, please?

Barking Spider, YOU are hereby officially warned to curb your nastiness. Remember that the First Rule of the Straight Dope is “Don’t be a jerk.”

Offend again, and you’re banned.

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